1. I am just curious is there anybody taking yoga? my school is offering free classes, it fits right into my schedule but i wanted to know if anyone had any experience with it. does it really help relax your body, flexability, strenght and all that other stuff. if you know anythng about yoga please share your storie
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  3. by   ava'smomRN
    please excuse my awful spelling i was in a rush. LOL!
  4. by   cargal
    I started a Pilates class and I love it. I feel more flexible and steady and stronger. I breathe better. I would think yoga would provide all this too. Go for it, it is free and you will be doing yourself a big favor.
  5. by   kimmicoobug
    I also do Pilates and recently added yoga. It is fun, and my flexibility has greatly increased.
  6. by   TELEpathicRN
    I recently bought a Yoga book and instructional video. I have enjoyed doing it. It really does increase flexibility and makes you feel better. I wish I could fit an actual class into my schedule, but not at this time.
  7. by   NurseRachy
    I have done yoga in the past and absolutely loved it!!! If they are free then go for it and purchase a good mat!! I am currently playing indoor soccer so I can't fit it in, but it;s great for the flexibility which comes in handy!!
    Love Rachel @}-->---------
  8. by   Tweety
    I take yoga classes twice a week and definately recommend them. It increases flexibility, and to me is very relaxing and stress relieving.

    A good wellness program includes strengthening, cardio and flexibility.

    I love yoga! Do it!
  9. by   Allison S.
    Love yoga. Go whenever I can. One of the things it helps me with is correcting my nurse's slouch.

    I also use yoga to practice breathing and focusing my mind, which helps keep me organized at work.

    I also think i thelps me strengthen and protect my back.

    Can't think of a better exercise routine for a nusre. Do it!
  10. by   probable cause
    I ride a the heck out of sitting with my leg behind my ear.
  11. by   Allison S.
    Done the motorcycle thing. Prefer yoga.

    See you at the organ bank.
  12. by   TEXASWAG
    Hey, I've done yoga. I was more flexible, my thighs were stronger and my arms were toner also. My posture also improved. Unfortunately, my night schedule made it difficult to continue. I really enjoyed it at the time.
  13. by   GayleD
    I enjoy Yoga. Can't seem to fit classes into my schedule but bought a Reebok book with video and audio tapes that came with a mat, blocks and some other stuff. I really like it.

    I have Multiple sclerosis so it really helps with my muscle spasms and just relaxation of it is great. I notice that when I do it, when I take the time to do it I should say, I really feel better afterwards.
    Go for it!!
  14. by   PennyLane
    I love Yoga. Some of the poses feel so great.