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Hey guys! Passed my boards around a month ago, did orientation, all that. Yesterday was my first day on the floor- meg/surg floor. Anyways, all I did yesterday was follow another nurse around. ... Read More

  1. by   mamason
    Quote from ncriverrat
    Thanks for the replies!
    Something I'm scared about is that one of the nurses WILL put my initials down for double checking insulin. Where I work double checking is required, and it scares me to think that someone may just put my initials down and then the amount be wrong and something happen.

    As far as the assessment, what bothered me is that while she was only focusing on one area, she would document that she did the WHOLE assessment, and of course all the patients were doing great according to her assessment.

    I work again saturday, and I am with someone else. Hopefully it will go much better, but I am still worried about having nurses on the floor who treat patient care like this.
    Putting someone else's initials down is falsifying documents. If there is a way for you to check if your i nitials are being used, then check. If they are being used, then report it immediatley. I wouldn't like this situation either.
  2. by   kukukajoo
    She may have snowed the higher ups! Sounds like she is a little too confident in her job and that is recipe for disaster.

    Please don't think of it as a bad day or that everything went wrong- you had the sense to KNOW it was impromper and just got the best case of a good example of a bad example!

    Make yourself a promise that after 11 years on the floor you will still be as consentious as you are now and you will soar!
  3. by   JentheRN05
    Well - to clarify MY response - I was just trying to come up with a reason for her to get out from under her. Really wasn't meant to be a cut on LPNs sorry if it came off that way.

    I have alot of respect for some LPNs. But others - well I can say there are some that get under my skin. But I can say the same thing about RNs there are good ones and there are bad ones.

    I had a bad experience very early on in my education with an LPN - working WAY out of her scope of practice, blatantly lying and provoking ONLY RNs. So that started me off wrong.

    All it took though was to find a mentor - one that taught me alot, only to find out later that she was an LPN.

    So - now I can see both sides pretty clearly.

    Again - it was NOT meant to be a smear on LPNs just trying to give her the only excuse I could think of at the time to get her out of the predicament she's in. I was drawing a blank.
  4. by   Sisukas
    There should be no documents in the chart that allow only initials without a signature. I believe that if someone falsifies your initials, that's an easy way to catch it. Just make sure to consistently sign all of your documents so that they can't say that you usually forget.