X-ploring your X-Factor

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    Welcome to installment #24 of the A to Z for a Rocking Retirement. X = X Factor. So what is your X factor?  People who have “it” have something called magnetism - a combination of personal qualities such as: a sociable personality; self-confidence; charm; inner peace; comfort with one’s self; rebelliousness; obvious intellect; a unique viewpoint; intensity or focus; authority; or sense of humor. In some instances, it’s truly indescribable, but very recognizable to those who have seen “it”

    X-ploring your X-Factor

    Emotionally, those with the "X factor" have a way of making us feel good or inspired. Challenged or validated. In the music industry, you either have "it" or not. You either have the makings of a star, or you don't. In that industry, they believe you are born with it and only a few really have it. Michael Jackson for example.

    But wait! I disagree that only a select few have this ability. You know who has the ability to stand out and help people feel good? We do! Nurses do! YOU do! I'll bet you've had many experiences when someone said "You made me feel so much better"; I couldn't have gotten better without you; You are amazing; You are an angel; You have inspired me".

    So let's explore your X Factor, how to recognize it and how to capitalize on it. Based on the dictionary, here is the definition of X Factor. A quality that you cannot describe that makes some very special. Let's go deeper and explore just a few features of the X Factor and how they may relate to YOU. I will start with my experience and you can think about how it applies to you.

    1. Exceptional

    In my case, I never give up. If I really want something, especially with wellness, I will do whatever it takes to get to where I want to be. At one point I wanted to teach wellness on a cruise ship so I defied the odds and made it happen. Holland America promoted a trip to Alaska and titled it "Wellness Cruise to Alaska" and I was the featured talent. I didn't think that was exceptional, but now I realize it was.

    What have you done that makes you exceptional?

    2. Gifted

    I have the gift of creativity and it flows out whether I call it into action or not. I used to think there was something wrong with me because I didn't think like others and always wanted to challenge the status quo, but now I know I'm just creative and it is considered a gift.

    What is your gift?

    3. Admirable

    I'm proud of having a lifelong unwavering passion for wellness helping others get well and stay well and have developed a reputation as being "Nurse Wellness". I'm also known as a "Creative Wellness Coach" guiding others using creative strategies they never thought of before.

    What character traits do you possess that you admire?

    4. A Calling

    For me, passion for wellness, helping others stay well, being a role model for health, being an inspiration and being a master teacher. At one point I met with a psychic and was sharing that my mother was a nurse, my grandmother was an on-the-job trained nurse, and legend has it that my great-grandmother was a healer. The psychic then said, "There are more ancestors who were healers and they are all standing behind you supporting you". Well, that blew me away, so I guess health has been my calling despite any other choices I might have made.

    What has been your calling and how have you manifested that in your life?

    5. Curiosity

    I have always been curious about health in any way, shape or form. I still find myself watching health shows, reading health literature, exploring and participating in health alternatives for healing. I never give up on learning new health-related things.

    What are you curious about?

    6. Super Powers

    I remember twice where I had to step in and demand better care for both my parents when the "system" was failing them and I knew they could be better if some rules were modified to accommodate their issues. I surprised myself that I had that assertive power within and in both cases I was successful in changing the course of their treatments which allowed them to live longer than they would have. Until you are tested, you don't know what strength lies within.

    When have you been called upon to be a "super woman/man"?

    Here a just a few more questions to explore for yourself to help identify the X Factor in you.

    7. What makes you distinctly you and different from others?
    8. What makes you exceptional?
    9. What makes you unique?
    10. What makes you a national treasure?
    11. How do you convey a personal touch?
    12. What quality do you have that is rare?

    Once again, I believe we all have the X Factor and it is our job to identify it, magnify it and share it with the world is a BIG way. Have fun exploring your own personal X Factor and please share your insights.
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