WOW!! Anyone tried this stethoscope?

  1. At clinical I tried one of the nurses stethoscopes, it was a Labtron Electromax. My God!!! I heard things I have never heard before(it has an amplifier) and I use a Littman Cardiology III!! I was wondering if anyone knows how durable these scope are. I want one so bad now!!
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  3. by   zudy
    How much does it cost?
  4. by   nursedawn67
    The ad stated was $285 on sale for $199.

  5. by   nursedawn67
    Heres the info on that scope I showed you.

    The Electromax stethoscope offers electronically amplified sound of 50db at 100Hz. With the circuitry, amplifier, and speaker built into the chest piece, the unit can be easily controlled with one fingertip to adjust volume, change frequency to accommodate cardiac or respiratory sounds, and turn power on/off.

    Chrome-plated external spring binaural with white ear tips.

    22 Inch Y tubing.

    Bell diameter is 1 inches.

    Electrostatic Microphone.

    Total Weight: 140 grams.

    Comes with deluxe hard carrying case.

    Instruction manual included.

    Two 1.5 silver oxide batteries included.

    One year manufacturer's warranty.

    Color: Gray
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  7. by   LaurieCRNP2002
    Not to dampen anyone's enthusiasm, as I'm sure the stethoscope really helps you hear things well, but as a staff nurse, would anyone want to be carrying that around their neck for a whole shift? Imagine if you put it down, you would just be inviting anybody to take it--perhaps a med student or resident

    Just something to consider.......

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  8. by   emily_mom
    And only a one year warranty? I would like to see it longer if I were to spend that kind of money. I think I'll stick with my Cardio III.

  9. by   NICU_Nurse
    Why, oh, Why don't they make better neonatal stethoscopes?? Grrrr. If there is anyone out there reading this, who ever had an inkling that they would like to go into business, please MAKE SOME BETTER STETHOSCOPES FOR NICU NURSES!!! It's either cheapie or Littmann, but even the Litt is a basic model- not even rated acoustically as high as, say, the Cardiology steth for adults. This drives me crazy. I would love an amplified steth, but the chest pieces are wayyyyyyyy to big for my babies. ;>(
  10. by   Qwiigley
    So many nurses listen to chests thru the gown etc. Try just using a Littman and on the pt's skin, you'd be amazed what you'd hear!
  11. by   NICU_Nurse
    Unfortunately, I *do* use a Littmann, and I work in Neonatal Intensive Care, where babies don't wear gowns. ;>) The Littmann neonatal scope is rated about a 7, and the amplified scopes are rated 10+. Personally, I think that if they offer them for adults, they should also offer them for pedis/neonates. It's no less important for NICU nurses to be able to distinguish more sound via their scopes. Just my thoughts. Littmann, are you listening?