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My daughter is 17 and graduating this spring and plans on going to college this fall. She has expressed a desire to go into nursing but I really have a problem encouraging her to do this. I don't... Read More

  1. by   withasmilelpn
    Not right now, maybe after I switch floors.
  2. by   burn out
    Quote from styRN
    "Would you recommend nursing to your daughter?"

    How about our sons?

    As a male, I was discouraged by my parents to pursue nursing 20 yrs ago and had to pay my own way despite being offered a 'free ride' if I would have chosen another path. In any event, I was happy with my decision, have a job that recognizes my worth and I am paid very well.

    Sorry no disrespect intended, I just don't have a son . I guess I should have said would you recommend nursing to your children to be politically correct.
  3. by   RN and Mommy
    Well, my daughter is 5, so we'll see if nursing changes in the next 15 years, but right now...No, I would not recommend nursing to her.
  4. by   Roy Fokker
    Never mind...
  5. by   scubadooII
    I graduated hs 14 years ago (WOW !!) I wouldnt say my mother pushed me to be a nurse (as she is) but she told me, you'll always have a job, you can take it anywhere you'd like, make your hours, work as much as you want...Back then I was like, " you say before you go to work, another day at the hole" WHY on earth, would I EVER want to be a nurse. I remember her complaining all the time....
    14 years later, Im in nursing school for the EXACT reasons she wanted me to do it. Gotta say, I really like it too (Im a CNA presently) will be finished with school May 2008.
    Pay isnt bad either. Starting average salary is 65K-70K in NJ
  6. by   Purdue_Nurse
    Nooo! I don't have kids but when I do I definitely won't encourage it. If they had a genuine interest in it, I probably would have them get a job as a CNA in a hospital for awhile so they can be exposed to nursing. Then I would let them decide if that was what they really wanted to do. Looking back at my first year of college when I was still trying to decide what I wanted to do, if I had known then what I know now, I would probably be in a different profession right now! There are some things I love about being a nurse but right now there seems to be a lot more not-so-good things. By the way, I am contemplating going back to school to get a different degree but have no idea what for If anyone has any advice let me know!
  7. by   mniayesh
    No, never.
  8. by   worldtraveler
    No, No and No,,,
  9. by   insightful

    When I studied to be a nurse (back in the dark ages) women had very limited choices for careers. Yes, I "settled" for nursing because back then it was an acceptable career choice for a woman. The work is hard and nurses do not command the respect we deserve because nursing is still viewed as a "woman's job". We are largely overworked, unappreciated, and underpayed. Now the world is open with so many interesting careers to choose from for women.
  10. by   Toddbe
    I would encourage my daughter and/or son in any profession they were evaluating! I would assist them getting the information they needed to make an informed decision so that decision they make is based on facts instead of misinformation.

    That being said, now my personal ranting! Look at the negative comments regarding this posting! If this is how you truly feel you need to look for a new profession and/or a new place to practice your profession – and yes it is a profession – are you viewing it in that ‘light’ or is it just a job to you?

    I would welcome the opportunity for somebody to tell me about a profession that has more opportunities than this profession. Bedside nursing, school nurse, hospice, occupational health, physician office, and the list goes on and that is with just an ASN! Of course with a BSN the opportunities increase, and more door open with an advanced degree.

    I would encourage anybody to review the opportunities of nursing, take advantage of these opportunities knowing full well the next opportunity is what they make of the profession.
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  11. by   cdmadere
    Quote from jetsetter
    I feel there are more job opportunities for someone w/an RN than any other degree on this planet.
    Name any other degree that has the variety of jobs open to someone, she would not have to work the bedside.
    please don't make me list the possibilities........they are almost endless.

    Doesn't matter how many opportunities there are, nursing is a profession that I would NEVER recommend to my daughters. It's something that very few have the personality for, and the energy for...

    that being said, I respect my profession immensely, and think there is no profession out there that should be respected more.
  12. by   bmh-lpn
    Let me think a minute?....No...Absolutely Not! However....If it' s what any my daughters wants to do I will support her in her decision. My oldest one did start out at college as a nurse but changed a year later and decided what she really wanted to do was get a Social Degree and work with the Mentally Handicap. I supported her in any decision she made.
  13. by   Jeanine
    My mother is an RN, and tried to discourage me from going into Nursing. That was 30 years ago! She did a good job, because I got my BA in Psychology. After working in that field for 4 years, and getting married, I went back to school to become, of all things, a NURSE! I got my RN license, and have been working in many different fields of nursing ever since. I have a daughter in college now, and I tried, and tried to convince her that nursing was the way to go! Where else can you continue to work in your field, and still be a "stay-at-home mom"? No day-care costs, you can work only weekends or nights, you can work as much or a little as you wish, and the benefits and rewards go on and on.
    If your daughter or son wants to go into nursing, they will eventually, whether you think they should, or not. Please support them in their decision so they don't spend time and money unnecessarily.