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If a patient asked you to pray with or for them at the bedside, would you? I had this discussion with some other nurses and the responses were interesting. Some said they would have no problem,... Read More

  1. by   KScott
    Quote from susanmary
    I pray every night for my patients -- sometimes individually -- more often I am so tired that I ask God to simply "bless all my patients."
    This brings up a philosophical question I often ask myself. I'm an agnostic, but I do pray. When I pray, I have a tendency to start out with the hope all in my family will be kept safe, happy, healthy and whole. My mind then begins to wonder about my sister-in-law's mother, brother, father and their families and my cousins' families, the people I work with and go to school with, the guy I saw on the side of the road getting CPR after rolling his truck and his family, the lady at the grocery store, the abused child I heard about on the news and the victims of bombs - be they goverment sanctioned, or not - and all the people who have nothing to eat. I end up hoping everyone on the planet is safe, happy, healthy and whole! Then I wonder why someone like me, just a person - like everybody else - would have to ask for life to be nice and I decide the whole thing is fruitless, but I do it, anyway!

    But, to answer the OP's question. I would be happy to hold hands and bow my head with anyone who asked me and let them, or someone else, talk to whoever they need to "up there - somewhere." I might even say a few words, if I thought it would make someone feel better. Mind power is a pretty amazing thing, whether there is a supernatural force connected to it, or not.
  2. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from KScott
    Mind power is a pretty amazing thing, whether there is a supernatural force connected to it, or not.
    so very, very true.

  3. by   happytobehere
    I would, but I only pray in english it is the only language I know
  4. by   royr
    I would be happy to for any one in need. Prayer is made to share.
  5. by   ZootRN
    Hmm. I guess I am the only atheist nurse here.
  6. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from mystic_fish0526
    Hmm. I guess I am the only atheist nurse here.
    Not true - there's plenty of us here

    But I think the issue is - "No matter what your beliefs - would you join your patients in prayer?"

  7. by   Otessa
    If they asked "yes"
  8. by   Melilem
    Quote from Dewgrl
    If that's a joke I don't get it.:angryfire
    If it's not- that kind of attitude is exactly why I would NOT pray with a pt. I'd call the chaplin, provide the "referal of service" just like a ss consult.
    Mario was NOT a christian. He was just being confrontational. He made it clear in several earlier posts that religion was the root of war and bullys. (I have way too much time, I read all the posts).

    Anyway, that said, I would pray with a patient, regardless of their religion.
  9. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I would and without a second thought. I have even asked a patient that I knew was religous if she want me to pray with her.
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  10. by   DarlinNurseRed
    I can remember questions on tests in school about cultural sensitivity, and for example,,the answer was always to do what the patient asked if possible,,,if they want a witch doctor, call him,,,ect.
    I feel that the patient is more than his body-and I am non-judgemental enough to be confident to pray,,,so I would do it.
    I had a patient once who believed a voodoo curse had been put on her,,,she never got any better and eventually died. She truly believed it.
    If she had asked me to contact the curse-remover, I would have. Prayer is such a simple act of compassion in comparison.
    I would never tell a patient no on such a simple request-who on earth would care to hear the nurse's FEELINGS when they need prayer?
  11. by   roses4mom
    I think it is an honor to know that a pt. would ask his/her nurse to pray with them because that nurse must be doing one heck of a good job for them to feel comfortable enough to ask them to pray with them. I think it is an extraordinary compliment to the advocate for the pt.
  12. by   tnbutterfly
    I pray with my patients all the time. I am a Parish Nurse, and a big part of my job is to provide spiritual support. I am employed jointly by a hospital and my church, and I am on the ministerial staff at my church. I help to provide Wholistic care.....mind, body, and soul. I feel very blessed to be able to care for patients through prayer and to share in some very special and difficult times.