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If a patient asked you to pray with or for them at the bedside, would you? I had this discussion with some other nurses and the responses were interesting. Some said they would have no problem,... Read More

  1. by   explorer
    Quote from LasVegasRN
    If a patient asked you to pray with or for them at the bedside, would you?

    I had this discussion with some other nurses and the responses were interesting. Some said they would have no problem, others said it was too personal a request for a patient to ask, and others said they would call the chaplain as they felt it is a chaplain function only.

    I witnessed one occurence where a patient asked his nurse to pray with him. Without hesistation, she took his hand and prayed a very nice non-denominational prayer. I realize not everyone can or might not want to do this, but it really brought solace to that patient.

    Your thoughts?
    There are no doubts in my mind that I would pray for a patient if asked too.
    I would include a prayer for their healing also.
  2. by   nursemary9

    Absolutely!!I have prayed for and with patient's in the past. I feel this is as much a part of good patient care as passing meds or performing a treatment.

    I actually feel privileged if a patient asks this as I feel it takes a lot of trust for this type of request.

    Mary Ann
  3. by   oneLoneNurse
    No doubt, as long as it was a healthy prayer. It might aid assessing the patient emotionally and spirtually.
  4. by   Mermaid4
    Always...Even when I had what I thought were issues with God, I would sit and hold their hand while they prayed..AND, were I someone who didn't believe in God, I would do the same..Sit quietly and honor the patient's request..Often, that happened to me when the patient was dying, or when a family member needed to know the nurses were there and available in situations that all too often either seemed hopeless or actually were..
    It didn't do me any harm......That is just my viewpoint...
  5. by   tmiller027
    I'm in an interesting situation. I don't believe in God, I consider myself a secular humanist. However, my nursing school is a private Christian college, albeit a fairly liberal one. A lot of people in my class are non-christian, but we all k now this is one of the best nursing programs in the state.

    As far as the OPs question, I don't know if I would actually "Pray" with them, but if they asked me to join them for a prayer, I would probably stay with them while they or a family member prayed and just remain quiet out of respect.

  6. by   Barryo123
    In many circumstances I have been asked by patients as well as family members to pray for outcomes. To reiterate another reply - we are taught to try and see to the whole patient - including their spritual needs. I feel, unless one has a very serious atheistic viewpoint, that simple prayers to a 'higher power' are truly called for when requested by a patient or family member. It's a very personla moment, yet, we are very personal professionals! It's just my opinion, obviously.
  7. by   vineyard
    if i am on the situation,then it would be so great then praying for someone..praying for somebody who would ask you to do so is a great privilege..
    we have to consider that praying could help the patient ease the pain that they are suffering with..it may be pain the in the emotional aspect..maybe on that very day where they asked you to pray is the very time where they are hopeless and needs our sincere prayer..so i would go for it!God Bless!
  8. by   ItsyBitsySpider
    (Old thread alert. But since someone decided to rekindle it I'm going to reply).

    I personally wouldn't mind at all praying with a patient if they asked. I have been asked and all have been very positive experiences.

    On the other hand, religious beliefs are very personal and powerful and I would never expect or look down on another nurse that did not feel comfortable praying with a patient. I do not feel it is within our realm of being a wholistic nurse to force ourselves to pray with a patient if the nurse did not want to. I do however belive that if the nurse is not comfortable praying with the patient then it would be absolutely imperitive that he or she get someone else who would be, whether that is another nurse, or chaplain, etc. I think that neglecting the spirituality of a patient is neglecting our responsibilities as a nurse and may delay the healing process.
  9. by   ms mimi
    i would love to pray with a patient if they asked me to. i am a born again christian and pray often, and have seen its power work in my life and the lives of others. give it to God.
  10. by   oneLoneNurse
    Probably not on my present unit ---> Acute Psychiatric.

    BUT, on a med surg or any other type of unit probably in a New York minute. Not a practicing Christian, but would do it to help the patient. I believe that is part of my job description to help the patient spirtually if I can.
  11. by   MultipurposeRN
    Just curious, Lone..why not on your unit?
  12. by   Dewgrl
    Quote from mario_ragucci
    I think Jesus let those atomic bombs detonate, killing hundreds of thousands of Asians, because they didn't believe in him.
    If that's a joke I don't get it.:angryfire
    If it's not- that kind of attitude is exactly why I would NOT pray with a pt. I'd call the chaplin, provide the "referal of service" just like a ss consult.
  13. by   NaomieRN
    If a patient ask me to pray, I will not say no.