Would you hire me back if you were them?

  1. I posted this on another website and am getting no's and I am really desparate. I already sent off my statement and would be devastated if they it came back denied. Any opinions or help please?

    Here is my dilemma, my husband is working two jobs, we have two children, and I am ready to go back to work. I would like to apply at a hospital that I previously worked at before but was discharged from involuntarily. I sent an application and received a rehire review request form in the mail. One of the questions is "Please provide a statement supporting your request for rehire:"

    Here is what happened. I worked there about six plus years ago and I had the best job in the world working in pediatrics, I LOVE kids. I thought I was in love and had been going through a bad time in the relationship that I was in, my boyfriend cheated on me and then moved to Florida but he still gave me his phone number, and I was calling him on a calling card from work while I was finishing up my charting. I was warned but did not listen and made the stupidest mistake and was let go. I have regret this decision ever since and now I have an opportunity to hopefully get on at the company.

    Here is my statement, would you hire me back?

    "To have wisdom is a gift. To have that same wisdom and help others is truly a blessing. I took that for granted and gave up way too easily many years ago. From the time I became a [co.] Medical Explorer all the way through earning my Certified Nursing Assistant status has been a true privelage. I have made many mistakes since that time, but I have also learned from my mistakes and would love the opportunity to show how I can be a great asset to [co.] and a great help to all the patients that I will encounter in my future.

    I am now married with two children and more so now than ever understand what responsibility means and just how important life is. I also understand that life is not easy nor fair for anyone and to appreciate each gift that is given to me. The smile on those faces and knowing I will be one of those that helped make everything better will be worth it. I would give anything to have that world back in my life."
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  3. by   FireStarterRN
    Hi, I just read your post.

    My advise would be to cut out the philosophical poetry in your application. A humble explanation of what occured, statement about your remorse, and an account of how you have matured since then would be better. Also, a statement on how you will be an asset to the organization, plus relating your passion and love for working with children would be beneficial.

    I would steer away from waxing philosophical if I were you. A contrite, humble statement would serve you better.
  4. by   Altra
    I agree with the poster above. I would leave out all details about and references to your personal life and simply state that you have grown as a working professional, you understand and value the importance of attention to detail, and you are committed to providing competent, safe patient care.

    The fact that the employer has taken this step rather than simply disregard your application because of the previous no-rehire status is encouraging, although it is no guarantee of your rehire.

    Good luck to you.
  5. by   owensmommy
    I agree that you should stick to just the facts. I think that there is a chance for rehire. I guess it depends on the "politics" within the hospital. Maybe they wouldn't rehire just to make it a point that once you screw up, that's it...no redos. Or if the person who would make the decision knows you personally and prefers to hold a grudge. (I'm coming from a smaller hospital where that kind of stuff happens) But, good luck. I hope you get a job there!
  6. by   2klkds
    I have already sent off my statement...
    any advice on why they would not hire me?
    I will be so upset.
  7. by   2klkds
    It is a big hospital but then again it is not a metro city or anything. It is located in Missouri. There are two main hospitals in my area, Springfield, MO area, and these two are the biggest.

    This hospital I worked for I have been associated with since I was in high school. I was in medical explorers, then was a group leader of the medical explorers, then received a schloarship from the hospital for college, then they put me through school to get my cna, and then i got a job there...finished about two years after my contract and was let go after what happened. I have always had a connection with the hospital but can never tell what kind of decision will be made and it has me ubberly nervous.
  8. by   classicdame
    I think you already have the advice you seek, but not the answer you want. The statement I read sounds like you are immature and trying to justify your actions, even though you KNEW at the time it was not the appropriate thing to do. Also, part sounds like you are trying to impress me that, if I were truly a "just" person I would forgive your past behavior. That still infers a lack of accountability.

    On the plus side: you are now more settled and, hopefully, learned a little from the experience. I hope you get a chance to prove you can be a valuable employee.
  9. by   Altra
    If I were a hiring manager I would first and foremost want employees who are focused on the job at hand at any given moment. At the moment of application, the "job at hand" is demonstration that they can do the job, regardless of what their particular motivation(s) might be. I would want to see evidence of that at the time of application. If I had to sort through an essay of personal recollections and musings, I might find it hard to find that evidence.

    Again, good luck to you.
  10. by   FireStarterRN
    Quote from 2klkds
    I have already sent off my statement...
    any advice on why they would not hire me?
    I will be so upset.
    Because the statement you already sent to them sounds disjointed and immature. Why should they care if now you are married with 2 kids? Married people have all sorts of melodrama, I'm sure they've seen it all, husbands having affairs with their wive's best friends, etc and so forth...

    You should have sought advise BEFORE you sent your application statement, that would have been a wiser course of action.
  11. by   bluekermode
    I would hire you. I would interview first. That should happen anyway, then you can detail your long time connection with the hospital and how having you there is a benefit for the patients and hospital! Along with an explaination of what happened in the past, and how you have changed. Short and sweet and factual though.

    Good luck
  12. by   2klkds
    I am sorry if I "sound" immature, and I am sorry if I sound like I should have done more research. I "thought" I had done enough, I had posts on another website, I asked family, one of my friends is a doctor and I asked him, etc. I was just trying to convey how much it really means to me to be back on the staff and to hear most of the opinions that I am hearing about either you would not hire me or I should have been more short and sweet is truthfully depressing to hear. Yes, that is what I put the post here for and I "honestly" do appreciate your opinions, but I feel like most of you think it does not mean anything to me and that I still act like a child. My career was everything to me until I met my husband and then we had children and now I am trying to catch my life back up to get back on track to where I was before. I miss it terribly and it is sad that it seems to be withering away so easily, so easily that I do feel like I am going to the extreme sometimes to get back there and I just do not know what else to do.
  13. by   VivaLasViejas
    From a management perspective:

    1) I would have some concerns about your professionalism, given the emphasis on the personal in your statement to the hiring manager. Though obviously heartfelt, the emotionality in it is not what managers want to hear; we want to know what you've learned and how you will apply it to your working life in the future should we decide to rehire you.

    2) That said, I'd probably give you a chance. People do a lot of growing up during the years between 25 and 30; and yes, being a parent does give you a different perspective on responsibility.
  14. by   Altra
    Respectfully, "connection to/with the hospital" and "how much it really means to me to be back on the staff" do not necessarily equal ability to do the job.

    Demonstrate ability to do the job, and I predict success for you.