Would you get treated at the hospital where you work? - page 4

So, I know a couple of well established people at their job site who when they got hurt there, did not want to be treated there... Here's the story: A NP at a big HHC hospital in New York was... Read More

  1. by   Aneroo
    I delivered my child at a hospital I worked in (worked in the ER at the time). It was nice to have coworkers visit during their lunch breaks.
    The most recent hospital I worked in, I was seen there a few times in the ER as well, mostly in the Urgent Care area for URI stuff. I did refuse to go in during a miscarriage (mostly b/c I knew I wasn't far enough along and knew there was nothing that could really be done), and went in a few months ago for some wicked bad GI pains with n/v/d. It was incredibly frightening to go in to old coworkers and tell them about my poop, but I hurt bad enough to do it. It did help and they did look out for me (it helped that my BP was 180/100 b/c of the pain).