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Just for fun lets just pretend the starting wage for an RN (regardless of education just RN) started at $11.00 hr. Would you still be a nurse? Also, what would be an acceptable starting pay for you... Read More

  1. by   arelius
    I could be a teller right out of high school and make $12/hr starting with full benefits. $11 an hour, ya right.
  2. by   ex1140
    I agree with some of the posters that stated that they were either making $11 or just under it before becoming a nurse. I wouldn't go to school to make what I could make without an education. And nursing can be tedious and demanding...it would not be worth it.
    At this point the only way I would work for $11 an hour is if all I had to do was record vitals for about 5 then go home...no charting, passing meds or IVs, observation, assessments, wound care, or med ER...that would be the only way...just recording the vitals and not having to do anything about the vitals that were not WNL...
  3. by   NHNurseMan
    Just for fun lets just pretend the starting wage for an RN (regardless of education just RN) started at $11.00 hr. Would you still be a nurse? Also, what would be an acceptable starting pay for you to consider the field?. Ill start it off by saying no I would not at $11 hr (to much risk, slave wage for the type of job it is etc) and even though our starting pay around here is $27 hr for new grads I would work for about $20 hr. Be honest with you answers

    You said be honest so here goes.......$11/hr for the work i do as a fairly inexperienced RN? You have a better chance of seeing the Messiah than seeing me swipe my badge at the timeclock than seeing that. I made more than that as an aid. Further I'd have to work 5 hrs a week to pay for gas, another 4 hrs a week to pay for my student loans, 8 hrs a week to pay for health insurance.....and the list goes on.

    As you can see $11/hr doesn't go anywhere near as far as it used to. I started out at about twice that, and with my differentials I make almost 3 times that. I truly hope that the arbitrary wage you came up with is that....arbitrary. As one poster opined, it's accepting wages like that that creates an atmosphere of low wages, low morale, and worst of all the low level of respect nurses get. I read recently that we are part of the most trusted professions, but is there anyone else out there that would give up a little trust for a bit more respect, because the two are mutually exclusive.

    Until we all stand up and assert our needs and wants, management is going to continue to step all over us. I have been an advocate not only for my patients but for myself and my peers, questioning staffing matrices, education benefits, and licensing requirements (or lack thereof). I am lucky enough to have the talent of stirring being assertive without being an as.....you know what I mean.

    It is up to us, the hardworking Nurses to not only ask, but demand that we are treated with respect and as equal professionals in healthcare.
  4. by   NurseJacqui
    HELL no! I made more than that as a nurses aid. I don't think I make enough now for the stuff I have to put up with and I make a lot more than that!
  5. by   gerry79
    Making $11.00 is not a living wage in my neck of the woods so I would have to say no. I am starting $28.00/hr as a new grad. Made $15.40/hr as a telemetry tech.
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  6. by   muffie
    i only make $36.00/hour but deserve no less than $50.00/hour
  7. by   ptadvocate81
    Uh that would be a no. Considering I made almost $13/hour as a tech while in nursing school, I would not nurse for $11/hour. I just graduated and my base pay here in Texas is $19.50/hour without diffs. I would not work as a nurse for $11/hour- I'd go work elsewhere making the same money and not risk my livelihood (license). Interesting question though...
    All I know is that im broke a$$ at $11.00 hr going through nursing school. No wonder lab has such high turnover...too much risk not enough pay.
  9. by   grammyr
    I started out at $12 an hour in 1999 as a new grad in Arkansas. I heard they raised the starting pay for new grads, I just don't know how much.
    Quote from sonnyluv
    Are you for real?
    Are you insinuating that as nurses we should work for whatever crappy wage management deems fit to dole out? That at $11.00/hr we love our job as nurses so much we would do it for practically nothing?
    The fact that you would even ask this question demonstrates how nurses in general have the politics of 50 years ago.

    Nursing school is hell! Maintaining a license is tedious! Nursing is exceptionally demanding, at times draining, and without a doubt the most important function of a hospital.
    The question you should be asking is: would I work for less than $22.00/hr?

    We are not angels. We are highly skilled,we have degrees and are well trained health care providers.
    Nursing salaries are starting to go down despite the "nursing shortage" Does this make any sense? Yes. Because (I don't mean to be rude) nurses asking your type of silly question are putting us there.
    Do plumbers make 11/hr? Do carpenters? Do truckers? Why nurses?

    Holy feak out batman!:trout:
  11. by   rnmomtobe2010
    working for that amount of money is an insult!!!!
    To put this into perspective I have a friend who answers inbound calls at discover card who makes $16 an hour with only a H.S. education.....he makes almost as much as Cops do saving people everyday....something twisted there.
  13. by   Lovely_RN
    Absolutely NOT! Those are poverty wages in NYC. I live in a cheap apartment in the Bronx and my rent is $998/month. $11/hr is $1540 a month before taxes, I would be homeless if I made that kind of wage. Nursing requires an education and I am investing my time and money in acquiring this education so that I can live a better life not a worse one.

    I know that you cannot be into nursing solely for the paycheck but if I want to live in poverty and work for free (or almost free) I will join a religous order.