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Lets say Jesus Christ was on earth today ,he went to school and became a nurse,and had the same attitude towards life that he ,apparently had 2000 years ago. Would he be employable? Or would he make... Read More

  1. by   JMP
    I am leaving this discussion, as soon as people start quoting scripture..... I am out of here.

    Not that I find it offensive but..... if I wanted a sermon I would turn on TV Sunday am.

    Have fun.... was interesting while it lasted
  2. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    They aren't "Bible thumpers", they're just quoting a source about the principal subject in order to make an argument.

    Unless you have the Dead Sea scrolls handy, or the Jeruselum Times circa......uhmm, o? and you can translate Arabic, I think that's the most credible source.
  3. by   ohbet
    Yes Peeps,thats exactly the point. I dont want to aleinate any one but it just seemed reasonable to use scripture to support my claims as to what Jesus' attitude might be in regards to euthansia.
  4. by   Ted
    To be fair:

    I have NOT followed this thread. . . I didn't even skim through it. So, I don't know that particular debates/arguments that might have transpired.

    I am only answering this question because I feel like it.

    "Would Jesus be employable?"

    Yes. (For heaven sakes, hospitals are almost willing to hire anyone to fill in those ever growing staffing gaps!) He'd make a very compassionate, giving nurse!

    I also believe that he would probably be vocal regarding the inequities found in our society's healthcare system. He'd ruffle the feathers of those fiscally and "morally" conservative minded politicians for sure!!! Whether or not you believe in the actual "Jesus", His principles are worth noting. "Caring for One another" is one principle I have in mind.


  5. by   donmurray
    Even in this shortage, who would hire a 2000 yr old cadaver?
  6. by   Ted
    Originally posted by donmurray
    Even in this shortage, who would hire a 2000 yr old cadaver?
    Yep!!! Almost any hospital, I suspect! Especially if the 2000 year old cadaver can be counted as a staff nurse!

    (Geeze, we have a 78 year old LPN "semi-retired" for over a decade - who still does per diem . . . and works a lot! She's a hoot! Greatest sense of humor. sharp as a tack. Wouldn't want her as my nurse, though. Not because of her age, but because she just misses things all the time.)

  7. by   Scavenger'sWife
    This has been one interesting thread!!! Theology and all.

    I think Jesus would have been one awesome nurse...healing people was His gig after all...healed them all, young and old, male and female, no prejudices, healed them body AND soul...hmmmmmm. Sounds like He would have been arested for practicing medicine without a license tho.

    Rustyhammer....He is rumored to have looked something like YOU....any Relative? :roll
  8. by   Jay-Jay
    I think Jesus would make a great nurse. He had a lot of compassion, plus great skill at healing, even if some of his methods wouldn't pass muster today (anointing a blind man's eyes with mud made from spittle....try to get THAT one past the hospital's committee on Universal Precautions!~)

    He'd empty our emergency rooms..think of the money we'd save! The scenario would go like this:

    Jesus walks into the ER, and starts touching people (asking if they want to be healed first) People start jumping out of wheelchairs...but there's this one guy, cowering in a corner. As Jesus approaches, he says: "Keep away from me! I'm on Worker's Comp!"

    Ohbet, I gotta differ with you on the miracles. I've seen too many of them to be able to agree with your point of view. And I'm not just talking about healings, either. I don't want to get into a discussion about this here, but I believe God is all-powerful, so why shouldn't his son be able to do things that fly in the face of rationality and science? This is very important to me. I couldn't believe in a God who wasn't present and alive in this world, who didn't occasionally do things to let you know, "don't worry, I'm still here!"
  9. by   Alley Cat
    If one tries to rationalize Jesus/God's existence, you don't get very far. Personally I don't understand how a person can believe in Jesus but not the miracles or any of the scriptures. (Maybe I should say it sounds contradictory--just a thought, I'm not trying to judge here.) My understanding is that Jesus used miracles when teaching or speaking were not effective enough to reach his audience. My minister made an interesting point in a New Testament class earlier this year; when several people witness an accident, each one has their own version/story of what happened because they're seeing it from a different perspective. The books of the New Testament which describe Jesus' life were written to draw the attention/understanding of different groups of people.

    Faith is just that--faith. It can't be rationalized. Does make for interesting discussions, though!
    Sorry, didn't mean to preach. Yes, Jesus would make a good nurse if that was what God had called him to do; he was patient and kind to those who were suffering. He would do the same thing to the insurers, DRG creators, bean-counters, etc. that he did to the money changers in the temple (maybe--temples and hospitals are 2 different things.)
    May His peace be with you all.
  10. by   Alley Cat
    Also, JMB--sorry you think quoting scripture is preachy. I just view it as a quotable source since there are no other written documents (that we know of) from Jesus' day other than scripture. Yes, I have a scripture in my tagline, but it's because it makes a statement about my philosophy, that we all need to lift each other up more instead of being so critical. You're entitled to your opinion, but so are the rest of us.
  11. by   peds4now
    He'd probably still insist on observing Jewish holidays, and let me tell you, the nurse managers' eyes pop out when they hear the new grad won't work Friday nights, no matter how many other shifts s/he will work to make up for it.

    So no, I'd think he'd have a harder time than most.
  12. by   Indy
    Quote from mario_ragucci
    whoa gomer, you jumped to light speed quick. It's at light speed where i need to be, as it happens.

    No one would believe or not or even care if someone said they were a god, or jesus, or or fannie may or whatever.

    Would you believe in a rabbits foot if the rabbit's foot came alive and a whole rabbit again.

    i'm sorry :-(

    Resurrecting bunnyrabbits (along with a five year old thread) is just the thing to stumble on at four am. And I would believe my drink had been spiked.
  13. by   PeachPie
    I wouldn't mind Jesus going ape in the hospital like he did to the moneychangers in the temple. Hospitals nowadays are truly "dens of robbers." Hehe, I could just imagine him ransacking the fancy marble fountain and tearing apart the fancy gift shops that sell designer watches, screaming about how the money could afford a larger nurse budget and better healthcare.
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