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OK c'mon fess up everyone. There is ONE absolute most worst nursing proceedure that everyone can't stand to do, but you have to when the time arises...what turns your stomach and ties it in a knot... Read More

  1. by   rowbucks
    These are so gross!!! I have three to share.

    1. I was working at a nursing home and an elderly gentleman was walking in the dining room and slipped on some water. needless to say he fell and fractured his leg. unknown to us how badly until the squad came and went to place a brace on the leg. the man was kind enough to help us lift his leg, and upon doing so, the distal portion of his leg litteraly bent at a 90 degree angle, broken tib/fib. YUK.

    2. I worked in an ob/gyn office. The worst things i saw: rotten grapes removed from a ladies vagina, forgotten tampons and lancing of a bartholins cyst that spewed all over the docs arm.

    3. and the worst!! watching the initial incision on anything, after that first cut i'm ok, but that first slice!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   delirium
    Originally posted by rowbucks
    The worst things i saw: rotten grapes removed from a ladies vagina,
    Rotten grapes?
    I am so glad I didn't read this an hour ago when I was eating grapes for breakfast.
  3. by   RNanne
    Rotten grapes. What were those doing up there or need I ask. What was the explanation for that!!!:imbar
  4. by   rowbucks
    apparently her boyfriend was a chef, no other explanation needed!!!
  5. by   debyan
    I never did like grapes that much ewwwwwwww deb
  6. by   jaxnRN
    I worked for 10 years in an OB/GYN office. Must we tie a "String" around our finger to help us remember.....what goes in, must come out!!!!!! (tampons)!

    Ooooooooo, but I LOVE earwax!!!!
  7. by   NicuGal
    OMG...the eyeballs...oh ewwwwww We had a kid once that had really protruding eyes from a syndrome and they were kind of like on stalks (remember Arnold in that movie about Mars, when they fell thru the glass and their eyes popped out...that is what it looked like) and we had to put these med cups and ointment over them..and when we would take them off those eyes would move around ....oh ewwwwwww. I felt so bad for that baby, but those eyes....
  8. by   hapeewendy
    Originally posted by RNanne
    Rotten grapes. What were those doing up there or need I ask. What was the explanation for that!!!:imbar

    and forget grapes
    those puppies were NASTY , WILTED raisins by that time I'm sure

    ew ew ew
    and for the record I have never ever understood the forgotten tampon thing, its not like the lost sock dimension in the dryer, how can you not know?
    ahhhhhh stupidity abounds
  9. by   ballyk
    Oh I am dry retching as I read this! I HATE SPUTUM !!!! home nursed this guy once who urinated and coughed his emphsemic lungs into a beautiful waterford crystal bowl . Would only want me to empty it once a day and would n't use the urinal I bought out of my own money!
    When he died the family offered me the bowl! (needless to say I declined the offer LOL)
    but truthfully the most grossest thing I have ever done is put a tongue stud back in someones tongue (they get caught up in the gloves too!) don't ask me why after years of sputum, pus, pooh, UTI urine, and the est but
  10. by   tabbeycatt
    gosh ... all these stories make me think of what I have ahead of me. (I'm still a student) I hope I have the strength to endure!
  11. by   melsay
    I'll never forget in nursing school, I was doing trach care and the man coughed and a "snot" ball flew past my head at had to be 100 mph.....lol
    My next thing that turns my stomach is toenail removals, don't get me wrong I have a very strong stomach, but come on, this is BRUTAL. Have you ever seen the way the scissors are SHOVED under the nail, then the toenail is YANKED off the nail bed.....uuuggghhhh Not to mention after having a 1 1/2'' needle shoved into the top of your toe OUCH!!
    Granted, I'll let fungus invade my entire limb before I'll have that done ...lol
  12. by   melsay
    And why is it EVERY old person that coughs in a hanky wants to show it to you??????? Ahh, the joys of nursing. I have seen every colorand consistency of phlegm out there LOL
  13. by   plh
    I find that a really ugly infected bed sore is at the top of my level of tolerance. Oh my God, it's awful