1. i'm been really worried lately that i'll have to drop out of my current nursing program. we have to pass our body structure and function class with an 80% and lets just say i'm not too far above that. soon my final is coming up and i'm having such a hard time concentrating on studying all i can think about is that i'm going to fail and never become a nurse!!!! any suggestions that you think would help me out??? i've gone to my teachers but they just tell me to study harder and stay away from distractions but how do i stay away from my own brain with this image in my head of an F and havin to quit school??????? Study suggestions would be great anything that would help.
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  3. by   mopsi
    An image of an F is not studying more or being positive. Not to sound repetitivie but have you tried studying with a few friends?Try taking some good multi -vitamins..Don't roll your eyes at that one ..if you are super stressed it eats up your memory and concentration..Try going to some web sites that will give you a fresh look at anatomy....and nothing good is ever easy , at least it hasn't been for me..So a little prayer out to you !!!Hope you get things going on the path you choose.
  4. by   emily_mom
    Relax. Breathe.
  5. by   spineCNOR
    Practice visualizing sucess-- when you start to have thoughts of failing close your eyes, and visualize sitting down to take the exam, feeling relaxed that you know what you need to know to pass, and see yourself getting your test paper back with a passing grade.


    What exactly is giving you trouble--is it memorizing certain things? If so, after working on memorizing them, close your book and write them down. Do this more than once to help you see whatever you are trying to learn "written" in your mind.
    Have faith in yourself--you can do it!
  6. by   sarahd27
    its not so much that i can't memorize what i need to know but i either freeze on the test cuz i know i need to do good or i start reading the questions and feel so confident in my answers that i never go back over the test for a quick check. i think we just covered everything way to fast. not even 3 months with class twice a week and they think we know everything. i've been in study groups with a couple of ppl but it seems to me when i get in one all i concentrate on is helping them when i should also be helping myself. i don't know what to do anymore!!! my final is tomorrow and i would say i'm pretty much screwed............god help me
  7. by   BadBird
    When I was in school I found that if I studied in 15 minute blocks, then took a little break I retained the material and didn't burn out.
  8. by   Little One2
    When I was studing in nursing school, I would repeatedly review on a daily basis. Draw pictures, diagrams, and try to visualize.

    The worst thing you can do is to think negatively, and worry.

    Be confident. Study with friends. Test each other. Take breaks. Avoid watching a lot of tv.

    Always ask questions.

    Good luck!
  9. by   leeca
    Been there, done that.

    l did pass all my exams, a couple l just scraped through but at least l passed.

    Better to worry than to be overconfident.

    If you haven't failed anything yet, you most likely will pass your tests.
  10. by   Dr. Kate
    If you find yourself not studying effectively in a group, bow out. You may do better on your own. Only you can decide that. I know I found study groups just raised my anxiety level without adding to my information stores.

    Good Luck.
  11. by   sarahd27
    hey thanks for the great support and information your suggestions i hope will help. right now i've been studying for about 6 hrs so i really hope it helps and doesn't just gumble all up in my brain. but if it does all i can say is i tried and i won't give up no matter how many tries it takes me to suceed at what i want to do with my life. i have the general information down about the body systems but i guess i need just a touch bit more than the generals huh?! what a life. since i started school i've kissed my social life goodbye and cut way back on my hours at work. i usually don't ask many questions of my teachers because they all treat us like lil children its very intimidating and rude. so i find myself looking for myself or asking the smart ones in the class. but lets face it some of the best nurses are the ones that aren't book smart but symtom smart and i think i have a good eye for things like that.
  12. by   LaVorneRN
    Studying with friends makes a huge difference. Also you have to focus on the positive. If you are already claiming an F then by golly you're gonna get it. But if you claim, want, work toward and focus on a passing grade and positive prayers you will do fine. There were times I was not sure I would get to the end of the road but I assure you miracles never cease if you work harder at being positive in spite of how bad things seem instead of working yourself up into failure. Hell, I thought I failed my boards but didn't freak till I got the results. I knew everyone said you feel like you fail then you get it and SHAZAM!!!! (I know, what's up with shazam?) Anyway, I DID pass and even though I felt like I didn't I refused to work myself up into a lather until the results were in. AND prayer works. God is good all the time!
    You can do it if you believe you can. Surround yourself with positivity!
  13. by   P_RN
    LaVorne is right. DON'T claim that F. Start putting that A next to your name.

    Visualize your own body.......work from the top down.
    Get the anatomy...you know the bones...you have bones touch them and name them. Cranium, zygoma, etc etc......all the way down to the toes......phalanges...and that last little piggy toe.

    You have "systems" for example GI system. WHat happens when you eat....chew.....saliva.....swallow...esophagus...s tomach...etc.etc etc.

    You have your own self....you CAN do it.....you CAN!!

    WE know you can.
  14. by   AmyLiz
    Visualization will help...as will a postitive mental attitude.

    Also, try breaking up your study sessions. Four 1/2 hour study periods is better than two 1 hour study periods, which is better than one 2 hour study periods.

    If your brain is totally fried. Go out, take a walk, ride your bike, whatever. Get away from it & clear your head. Studying will go better for you afterwards.

    And when studying with people...it is good to help others learn. You learn yourself that way too!

    Hang in there! You can do it!