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  1. by   Davey Do
    On the flip side of things, my closest neighbor, who lives across the ditch has hounds that barked, whined, yelped, bayed, and howled constantly throughout the day.

    I tried writing notes and talking to the neighbors. I offered to pay them money to keep the hounds quiet. I learned the hounds' names, tried a dog whistle, but nothing helped.

    It wasn't so bad when my neighbors left them tied up in the yard, but then they started just letting them out on their back deck. This increased their noise, as it acted like a resonator. I could her those hounds 1/2 of a mile away while on bicycle trips. And, the deck is even right across from my bedroom window where I told my neighbor I sleep during the day because I work straight MNs!

    I felt like I was talking to a couple of posts! And they they only left their hounds out during the day while they were at work! My neighbor even said to me, "I know they're annoying, but..."


    So I researched local laws. It seems my hometown of Goofy IL. has a noise ordinance violations which include animal noises, so I contacted animal control. Sure enough, the officer told my neighbors that she would fine them if they didn't comply.

    My neighbor told me, "I know it was you who sicked the city on me!" Ya think?! I told him, "I've been trying to work with you for a year and a half and you've ignored me! I was left with no other option!"


    But at least now I only have to hear the hounds for short intervals when they let them out on the deck.

    The animal control officer said to call her if there's any more problems.

  2. by   brownbook
    Dear Davy Do, you should have let them sleep with you.
  3. by   Crush
    I like the bark collar. I walk mine just before bed so they are worn out. I feed them when we get back and send them into the backyard 1 more time before I go to bed. ( they have doggie beds they lay/sleep in at the foot of the bed ) I take my sleepytime tea while I read a book till my eyes droop.

    My little yapper dog knows once this routine has been done she does not bark anymore.

    And a good set of ear plugs and a fan help drown out most other noises.
  4. by   Davey Do
    Quote from brownbook
    Dear Davy Do, you should have let them sleep with you.
    Wasn't that an old Rock N Roll song?

  5. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I'm sorry but I've had wives that I didn't love that much. If my dogs yapped all day so I could sleep after night shift it would be a trip to the no kill shelter
  6. by   Quota
    Or just train your dog? It's really not that hard.