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  1. Im an experienced CNA ...who will soon be starting nursing school (i hope they let me in this fall !!). I work rehab. Some of the nurses i work with are great team players. And as me and one Nurse (RN) are pretty much the only ft employees on the floor we always thank them for their help and do our best to help them out (theve either been floated out of their specialty, are agency, part time or prn and are usualy working with aides that have been floated are part time or prn) The full time nurse and i usually work together and i mean together.( Aides at the facility i work check vs,record i+0, o2sats, and other things at the nurses discretion.) With (usually ten to thirteen pt's) the ft nurse and i give care together. Example: I hold/position the pt while she does the dressing, then she helps me change the linens or ill do my vs and she her assesment etc. etc. CNA's are required to take report w/nurses as well as make their own rounds and report. with the previous shift. As a ft employee i occasionaly rotate to diff groups on the unit so i will know all the pt's . Some nurses however do not. One in particular, only gives required meds/treatments/dressing changes. (Heaven help the pt if its not scheduled.) And does not do anything thing else unless asked and sometimes not even then.Which means i have to borrow another aide or nurse from their section. I was always taught that you and your nurse where supposed to work together. This person is a good nurse with a caring heart. But dosent trust when i say, you should come look, their a little grey/or cyanotic, or having breathing difficulty. Has even admitted to me that they dont know how to do this or that (things that where unique to our unit). But would not ask for my help!(some nurses have even asked me what meds are being given! ) (i mean come on! theres a little book on your cart called a mar!) (several i have had to take into the pt and show them wounds/g tubes/ iv sites ect then take them to the mars and show them the tx!) I do know what i am talking about. Dont get me wrong, I do not think im a nurse! I have not yet had the training and i dont pretend to be a nurse. I respect the nurses education and descisions and do not question them.(except in cases of obvious harm to the pt.) I give V.S. and do other things that the nurses have asked of me as promptly as possible. And alert them to unusual numbers/values. I know this person has worked with some aides before that where just in it for the money and really didnt know what they where doing, in fact that was part of the reason i took over the assigment with this person. Thinking maybe it would help the nurse not be so frustrated. I just want the best care for our pt's and this is very hard since there is no teamwork. What am I doing wrong?
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  3. by   thisnurse
    you sound like a dream to me!
    there are one or two cna's on our unit like you but you must realize you are the minority.
    i know i have been accused of what you describe above but there are times when i just cant help my cna do her job because i am so far behind on mine.
    i think that the cnas and nurses should all do report together. it gives a better picture of the pts condition. i also believe that nurses and cnas should do rounds together. we can get the vital signs together and be able to take care of whatever the pt needs right then.
    as for not trusting the depends on what you are talking about. i ALWAYS go look at any pt my cna tells me to, unless i am aware of what the problem is and nothing has changed.
    there are some things the cna knows better than i do.
    youll get a better idea i think when you start your clinicals.
    i worked as a cna before i was a nurse so i know what you are talking about.
    neither of our jobs are easy but they are easier and more pleasant when we work together.
  4. by   OrthoNutter
    I would give you a job in a heartbeat....good help is hard to find so stick to your clinical instincts and bugger the critics
  5. by   nursegoodguy
    You need to just quit there and come work with me!
  6. by   tigger2sassy
    boy, what i wouldn't give to have you on my team!!!!!! you are a dream come true for a nurse!!!!! with the compassion and observation skills that you already have, i can say i feel that you will make one hell of a good nurse!!!!!!!!!!! please don't change anything-- best wishes in school and if i can help please ask!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   WashYaHands
    I agree with the previous posters, You are a gem!!!!!!!!!! You arent doing anything wrong, keep up the good work.

    alwaysthere - I know the solution to your problem. Give me your address, and I will mail you a one-way ticket to Toledo, Ohio. You can come work with me at my hospital, and I will worship you. We will have lots of fun, and our patients will love us. We will take turns buying each other lunch, because we will always have a lunch break. We will thank each other often for the other's help, and we will enjoy our jobs and what we do.

    You are a rare gem alwaysthere. Any nurse should be thrilled to have you, but unfortunately, some will just take advantage of you. I hope you can find a place to work where you are valued for what you are. And I hope that, once you become a nurse, you remember this, and don't become like them.

    You're gonna make a great nurse! Good luck to you. (and that plane ticket offer still stands whenever you're ready!)

  9. by   adrienurse
    No Me!! Come work with me!! Some of the people I work with............the lights are on, bot nobody's home -- I swear.

    Okay that sounds bad. To be a CNA who is accountable for his/her behaviour (who doesn't try to deflect blame), who doesn't need to be reminded to write down bowel movements, who understands the importance of the tasks he/she is being asked to do is truly a good thing. A very valuable thing. CAn we clone you before you go to nursing school?
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  10. by   alwaysthere
    Thx, guys for all your answers, they really help. I sure do try to do the best for my pt's. But some nights i feel set up to fail. (Like tonight me and student aide for 28 pt's with varying acuity and all the nurses were P.T. ). Heather>Lunch whats that???? (It couldnt possibly be that half sanwich i managed to inhale on my way to pee!) Giuseppe> between the water fights and the devious planning of future practical jokes we'd never get any work done! (However our unit would probably improve in morale!)
    And beleive me when im a nurse im gonna work with EVERY member of the health care TEAM!
  11. by   mattsmom81
    Some nurses who have worked with poor CNA's take awhile to adjust to a good one....then again some nurses never learn to really trust a CNA, preferring to do things themselves.

    My advice is don't take it personal...just keep doing a good job and the respect should come. Good luck in nursing school...I love to hear of good CNA's advancing their education!!!.