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If I missed an earlier discussion on this I'm sorry just ignore this. Do you have a set scheduel where you work. I dont and it is driving me buggy. I work 3rd which my body finds hard enough to... Read More

  1. by   plumrn
    Just wondering, for those that do self scheduling, does everyone have to show up at a certain time, say 8:00 am on the day the new blank schedule is put out, to be able to fill in the time slots they want? Is it first in line gets what they want? That would be difficult for those working nights, or if it is your day off. Is there some other way this is done?
  2. by   altomga
    On my floor I work straight nights and we use self scheduling (which I love)...I normally work a track but can always change it if I want to. The way we do it (I am in charge of the night schedule), A blank schedule gets put out and you just put your schedule in. It's not first one on gets what they want. I look it over when everyone is signed up and if the numbers need fixing I put a note on the main board telling them to fix them.....I give it > 1week so everyone has a chance to do this voluntarily...after that I take it and fix what needs to be fixed. They all know that if they don't fix the holes I WILL! I abide by any X'd off days that a staff member may have. I never change those. The staff are satisified with the schedules and it works great for us. After the finalized schedule is put out and you need a day off previously scheduled you simply ask around and get the charge nurse to validate it for you. No big deal with mgmn't as long as the day is covered.
  3. by   Tweety
    When I moved to my new unit recently, I made a few requests of my schedule. The secretary who does our schedule came up with a perfect schedule and has kept me on it so far. She seems to come up with a schedule that makes you happy and meets the needs of the unit (not an easy task) and keep you on it. I like a set schedule.