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  1. by   nightingale
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    Like Sue's friend, I provide foot care as an independently employed nurse. And like Agnus sez--go over and see what's shakin' on the Entrepreneural Board--by the way, I'm an LPN-

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    lol... we are growing Lois Jean.. aren't we? Come on by and bring a cup of coffee and chat about the possibilities (they are endless).
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    burnedout..........In MHO I would not watch anyone's kids anymore. Someone could shake the baby up and off to jail you would go.......blame it on you.

  3. by   jfpruitt
    I've heard of RN's doing physicals for insurance companies in homes. I'm not sure what its called though???? Anyone know??
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    Originally posted by jfpruitt
    I've heard of RN's doing physicals for insurance companies in homes. I'm not sure what its called though???? Anyone know??
    These are paramedical physicals. Involves VS, history taking, and specimen collection. In the client's home or office.
  5. by   jfpruitt
    Wonder how the pay and hours are for this???
  6. by   sunnybrook83
    I did assessments for longterm care insurance- basically they will give you x amount of dollars per assessment (anywhere from 40-75). Those assessments take about an hour, plus your travel time. Didn't work out well for me because we're in a rural area and not a lot of applicants in these parts! Took me usually 1hr to 1hr 15 min in travel plus the time for the assessment... Also this is paid as independent contractor so you are responsible for paying your own taxes out of this ( which includes the FULL amount for SS/MC). Way it worked was they faxed the referral, you contacted the applicant and set up the time/date to mutual convenience. (appt had to be set up within a few days of receiving referral and then you had to notify company of appt being set). You did the assessment and faxed it to them within 24 hrs. They paid once a month. Nice freedom, if you have a bunch of assessments in the same area, pay was good. It wasn't in my situation
    The company was lifeplans out of Mass.
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    Well, I'm not so much concerned with money as benefits. Sounds like a good gig part time though.
  8. by   nightingale
    I have also hear of insurance companies offering benefits (through home office work) if you work full time hours. My area does not have this type of job but in the larger areas they might in your area.
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    What company was that? I recently applied to Care Link to do assessments.
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    Portamedic is one company in my area (with offices in many states I hear) that contracts with insurers and send out workers to do physicals, lab, EKG's etc. They also offer inoffice exams and contract with physicians for the doc's siggies when needed.

    I checked them out and it didn't pay much by RN standards...workers are independent contractors and as others said, there is a lot of travel out in the boonies, wear and tear on the vehicle, and no benes. You also pay your own taxes and SS. A perc is the ability to have a small business out of your home, have office space, ...and write it off on taxes. I found they assigned workers a territory..thus one was expected to handle that area and work around the client's schedules.... so lots of pm hours for day workers.

    Lots of firemen, MLT's and nurses do this 'on the side' for extra $$. I also worry about going to people's homes...we never know what we're getting into. A home care nurse may be very comfortable with this type of thing though..

    I will check out the entrepeneur thread.....I always enjoy conversations like this! Thanks for all the ideas and info all !!

    Foot care specialist...hmm. I might like that one...