WooHoo!!! Only 44 days until Spring!!

  1. Almost done slippin' and slidin' around Michigan!! Can't wait.
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  3. by   Virgo_RN
    Spring can never come too soon! nbch:
  4. by   mamafeliz
    Crocus are starting to bloom in sunny Portland, OR! Everyone out walking in the rare and treasured sunshine and 50 degree warmth. Hurray!
  5. by   Pepperlady
    I am morth of you mamafeliz but our bulbs are up too, no crocuses quite yet but they and the daffodils will be up in the next couple of weeks.
  6. by   chicookie
    SPRING!!?!! Seriously? WHOO HOO I did not even remember!

    YAY FOR WARMER WEATHER!! *does spring dance*
  7. by   travel50
    We don't have awful winters here in Tennessee, though this past week thousands near me have been without electricity thanks to the ice storm. But nonetheless, I am so tired of cold weather. Since I can't wait, I am going to the Florida Keys the end of this month. Have never been before, and there is no time like the present to go find warmer weather! Think I'll go swimming with the dolphins!!!
  8. by   HolisticSandz
    YOU ROCK! for reminding me!
  9. by   Iam46yearsold
    I am ready for spring, I love it. I am ready for summer I love it even better. Down here in Texas. Love the heat.