Wish me luck....

  1. I am taking the entrance exam to my part-time RPN program in about four hours!!!

    I have studied til I'm blue in the face. The English will be a breeze, the Biology very easy, my weakness is Physics and .....MATH. Math is my enemy!

    Fortunately, I'm told that my worst subject, Algebra, is under-represented on the test and that I can make up for it in other areas. I'm also told that the fact I've already enrolled at the school taking pre-req's (you don't have to actually BE in the program to take those) will look good on my application. I was very, very fortunate to end up in class (Psychology and Writing Skills for Health Sciences) with all the students currently enrolled, so they have been giving me GREAT advice on getting through this test. I love them to pieces, and I'm so disappointed I won't graduate with them

    They've been unbelievably supportive. I'm not sure if that's because they are mostly older - I found the younger students that were enrolled in the full-time day program a little more "competitive" as in "we're all out for ourselves, and ourselves only". The night students are the total opposite.

    Anyway, I am feeling just SICK about this test...it determines the rest of my future!!! I wish it had been in the morning so I can it over with. As my co-worker said to me "don't worry, and don't study now. If you don't know it now, you won't know it in a hour".

    I guess she's right!!!
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    Best wishes and RELAX. Come back and let us know how you do!
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    best of
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    Good Luck!!!
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    Good Luck!