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I'm sorry but this commercial made me laugh! "I was devastated to have to reuse my....catheter" LOL and apparently its a real company too...I found it online from a story on the winner of the... Read More

  1. by   AtomicWoman
    Before I became a nurse, I had a client who hated cathing herself. She taught herself how to do the Crede maneuver and was so good at it she was able to stop using catheters.
  2. by   nursel56
    Quote from TDCHIM
    I'm with you, @nursel56 - that whooping cough commercial drives me nuts. The worst (national) nursing commercial I can recall is a horrible Johnson & Johnson nursing campaign commercial from a couple years ago that had the jingle: "You're a Nurse...You Make a Diiiference." It was incredibly schmaltzy and played on all the usual nursing tropes to the nth degree, so it drove me nuts.
    They play it on Telemundo 24/7 too. There. Is. No. Escape. dundundun. . .the J and J commercial I never understood the purpose of. Was there a website you could go to for scholarships courtesy of Johnson and Johnson? Did it offer discounts to nurses on their products? I suppose it's nice to be appreciated and all, but. . .show me the green! We know you could spare a coin or two!