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1. That we are not their secretaries? and that they are just as able to pull up their own computer rounding list as we are? 2. That no, I CANNOT explain the risks and benefits of a surgical... Read More

  1. by   TrudyRN
    Let the staff know you appreciate us by giving us something besides fattening, unhealthy junk, even if it costs a lot, at the holidays. Money or a gift certificate would be just fine.
  2. by   banditrn
    Quote from kessadawn
    [font="century gothic"]and please stop dousing yourself in 5 gallons of nasty strong perfume/cologne just before you come to see your patients. not only will i request you to go shower again, i will continue to refuse you access to your 6 yr old asthmatic pt who is still on continuous aerosols. if your making me wheeze, you sure as heck are gonna cause them probs, and i hate change of shift emergency intubations.
    omg, i hate that!! i don't have asthma, but any of that stuff immediately gives me a headache and nausea!! i have put that on all my medical charts but have one guy - an eye doctor, who will come into the room every time reeking! i have started to tell him about it, and not very nicely - and have decided to chance docs. i have eye problems, and have to go every 3 to 6 months - and if they want my money, they'd better leave the foo-foo off.
  3. by   santhony44
    Don't ask why I'm calling you at 2AM with a vital sign exceeding the parameters you gave when you wrote the orders!!!

    That one always killed me when I worked in the hospital. If you call you get yelled at. If you don't call you get yelled at.

    If you don't want to be called don't tell us to call!!!
  4. by   June55Baby
    Please wash your hands or at least use the hand gel before you examine each patient.
  5. by   sweetielin
    do not dictate your h & p and progress notes during shift change in the room where we are suppose to get report.
  6. by   SillyLilly
    Quote from 1Tulip
    21. PLEASE! Do NOT tell your patients they're going to be discharged and then not write the order... or write the order for ANOTHER doctor to clear the patient for discharge. Don't let the "D" word past your lips unless and until you are actually sending the pt. home!

    Do you realize that family members take a day off work to bring mom home, they drive from distant places to pick up their relative.

    Do you know who will take the blow back when the patient and family find out that they are NOT actually free to leave. Of all the things I've seen pts and relatives lose their composure over, this has got to be one of the most frequent.
    YESSSSSSS! It is funny bc we have had lots of negative feed back similar to 'the mean ol nurses wont hurry up what ever unimportant stuff she has to do and let me leave after dr doohead told me I can go home 6 hours ago"

    Happened to me today.
  7. by   RunningWithScissors
    do not dictate your h & p and progress notes during shift change in the room where we are suppose to get report.
    our manager likes to bring an entourage of superiors into our breakroom at lunchtime and shoo us out to have meetings....even though her office is just as big and can accomodate all of them!!!

    it's bad enough you have to cram the food down quickly and call it "lunch" without having to stand in a supply closet to finish eating!
  8. by   RN mom of 2
    Quote from BSNtobe2009
    Hey, I would volunteer to do this...then "accidently" get the cards mixed up...bet he won't ask you again.
    I know someone who was a secretary who did just that!

    Oops!!! Too bad.
  9. by   metalmom
    12. Figure out what needs to be ordered for your 1 month post open heart patient (that I just met one hour ago) for his discharge that morning and not take it out on me in front of everyone in the nurses' station.
  10. by   HeatherLPN
    You know we have to verify admission orders with you, not your nurse. If you don't want to take the time, especially since our admission that YOU discharged late from the hospital is after your 11-11:30am window that we are supposed to call you in, then get out of healthcare. Calling me stupid and telling me how unacceptable it is to page you after hours is NOT benefitting your patient that would like a pain med. I'm just doing my job, so help me to help your pt. and do yours.
  11. by   ShayRN
    Don't know what number we are on, but here is mine:

    DO NOT scream and curse at me when your patient is having a problem that you can't be bothered with on a Saturday nite at 9pm. You have one and only one warning. I will document what you say, word for word, in the progress notes AND inform the patient and family that their problem isn't worth your time, in those exact words, (that is what you said to me, after all.) After the way you treated me, do you really think I should make YOU look good? I have done this in the past and as much as you run up and down the halls screaming that you want me written up, there really isn't much the manager can do about something that is already charted. Let them TRY to take out my documentation on a legal document No, they can't write me up for pissing you off
  12. by   zudy
    And don't scream and curse at me when I have to call you about your patient on a Sunday morning, and then end the rant with, "And don't call me because I am at church!" It makes me wonder what exactly you are worshipping!
  13. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from zudy
    It makes me wonder what exactly you are worshipping!
    I lost my tea over that one, LOL!