Will I like being an RN more than a CNA?

  1. I have done some CNA work in home health and can honestly say I loved it. However I was having personal issues at the time and ended up losing my job. Things are much better for me now and I have been in school for a year taking general education classes. I am thinking of starting the RN program this summer. I wonder if I would like being a RN more than a CNA. When I was doing CNA work I did alot of things that really helped the patients. I was able to add a personal touch to their lives. I wonder are you able to do this as an RN and what do you like better as an RN regarding patient care?
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  3. by   Asystole RN
    Being a RN is what you make of it.

    You can have a very large impact upon peoples lives, for the better or worse. The work is very different from being a CNA and there is much more responsibility. If you cherish helping people and enjoyed being a CNA then being a RN is the way to go.
  4. by   LoveANurse09
    I can only give my opinion. Yes and No. I was a CNA for two years while I attended nursing school. As an RN you have more responsibility which I like and dislike. As the RN you are responsible for pretty much everything (at least I am when working nights). Sometimes, I miss the days when I could say "I'll get your Nurse". Then again, as the RN when I see that something needs to be done I can take charge and get it done!

    Most nights I don't have time to have long talks with patients. Especially those 80 year old men/women whose spouse just died and they dont have any kids/family and their scared because the have end stage CHF,you get the point.
    As the CNA I got so sick of always being called for bedpan duty while the RN isn't busy,but gossiping at the desk, because she thinks only aids are responsible for that!
    I'm sure homecare is much different than inpatient care though.Good Luck!
  5. by   Popwhizbangz
    As an RN you have more options and you make more money. You have tremendous opportunities to help patients - what you make of those opportunities will be up to you. I did some CNAish work prior to getting my RN, and I still do some of the same as an RN - but I have more options, and more tools/knowledge, and make more of a difference every day. Go for it.
  6. by   erkantarik
    it pays more so it is good enough for me to love it
  7. by   silentRN
    It will be better on your back in the long run
  8. by   pinoysn
    I'm a CNA currently in RN school (graduating this summer). I've always wondered the same thing. If being an RN will be better than being a CNA. But some evenings at work I see the RN's and think "Wow, I'm actually gonna be a nurse soon." Definitely the RN has more responsibility and authority. Just think, you've been bossed around by nurses, and when you're a nurse you can boss around the CNA's! haha just kidding. I know how it is to be a CNA, so if I'm a nurse I'll make sure to treat them with respect. I agree with one user. I'm gonna definitely miss saying "I'll get your nurse" lmao
  9. by   locolorenzo22
    There's plenty of times I miss telling the patients "well, let me let your nurse know....wait a minute, now I'm the nurse!" I find that I feel like I can do more for the patients as a RN, not just with medicine, but with advice, conversation, positioning etc....
    I'm much more likely to be listened to or for patients to try what I suggest when I mention the words "this works for a large majority of our patients", even when all I'm trying to do is distract them.
    It's not always easier on your back, you may be bent over trying to get in that foley or get in that IV.
  10. by   RescueNinja
    I do everything I did as an aide plus a whole lot more. Now I get paid significantly more and have more authority in the care of my patients and more ability in caring for them the way I want them to be cared for.