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Greetings, folks. I am a 33 year old "pre-nursing" student. I have a few questions to ask about the work climate/culture of nursing... I'm female. Ordinary feminine "girly" female, though... Read More

  1. by   TheCommuter
    I am somewhat similar to you. I am a feminine female who is introverted and would prefer to talk about geeky, 'academic' topics that require plenty of abstract thought. However, this does not mix well with most females in my age range (18 to 30 years old) who prefer to discuss guys, gossip, and engage in small chatter.

    I, too, have worked in grocery stores, fast food places, retail outlets, and a factory. Additionally, I can wholeheartedly agree with your observation that 'regular', non-geeky (working class) men prefer to chat about things they own, cars, or stuff they're doing around the house. 'Regular', non-geeky (working class) women tend to discuss men, gossip about other women, and do a lot of small talk.

    I think much of it has to do with their orientation in life. When I worked at the factory, grocery store, and fast food places, most of my coworkers were working class and had a present orientation to life. They lived for the day, tended to have fatalistic attitudes, and engaged in instant gratification (buying cars, electronics, and toys that they couldn't really afford). Therefore, their conversations reflected their orientations to life. These coworkers did not read, watch the news, and thought I was weird for wanting to discuss current events and academic topics.
  2. by   TrudyRN
    Quote from Suesquatch
    I'm another systems geek who has become a nurse.

    Programming was great for me because almost everyone, including the women, was a nerd, like me. Nursing isn't the same.

    Just keep to yourself (without being standoffish) and do your job. You'll be fine.
  3. by   Soup Turtle
    It's been my experience that if you feel inadequate, people pick up on that and respond to it by keeping you in your imagined place. On the other hand, if you're positive and confident, you will have friends and "followers" regardless of the ridiculous things you might think or do. Most people are insecure at least some of the time about at least some things. Don't imagine that you're the only one.:smiley_ab