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Well, I have to give Wildtime88 credit. I received a ton of emails from the MNM mass mailings (more like spam mail) and there's a big soap opera going on there. Two of the three board members... Read More

  1. by   NRSKarenRN
    Dear Michelle + Helen and other MNM supporters:

    I am saddened that the guiding voices of this movement are no longer involved, especially Michelle and Helen who have spoken so passionately about the need for all nurses to get involved.

    I became suspicious of activity when my non-judgemental, non threating, innocent posts asking what each state rep was planning was suddenly removed from the web site in mid Nov. 2000, then sudden incorporation overnight that those of us planning the event and having key state organizational
    planning were unaware was occuring. Next,Scheduled chat meeting sessions were cancelled and timely notice of next meeting not given.
    After incorporation announced, I requested a list of BOD--took one week to receive info; wanted to know state of incorporation and see info be posted if I was to remain a ---was told it was private, despite being informed nonprofit organization, was disclosed 3 weeks later incorporation in state of Delaware. After announcing this, December 6th,2000, solicitation for sponsors posted on the web site without any Treasurer appointed for the organization!!! Person responsible(Nana)for supplying products for the organization, was also responsible for orders and shipping those items, AND advertised her own business on a NONPROFIT web site. Where is the accountability????

    I looked for a listing of officers, found it burried deep in the site at that time. Hadn't been to the website in about a month, checked yesterday when I saw this inital post.
    Saw that Ron, the webmaster had changed the site yet again, and the original posting information was deleted. I have organizing info bookmarked if anyone needs it. No board of directors could be found. If other persons have specific information regarding financial information or have concerns regarding donations to this group, I suggest that they contact the State of Delaware Better Business bureau.

    It is a shame that NONE of the original organizers are involved with the incorporated organization. Having served on the PSNA District board of drectors on and off for over 15 years, plus other organizations, I have grave concerns regarding the financial mgmt of this nonprofit corporation.

    Many persons are working tirelessly on behalf of nursing. Please continue the fight to promote nursing standards, adequate bedside caregivers and promote the Profession of Nursing, for if we RN's and LPN's dont, someone else WILL and our profession which has served the public for over 100 years will die. DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN.

    PSNA IS having a nursing rally - Millennium Nursing March on Saturday May 5th, 2001 in Philadelphia, PA. Come join me and the Nurses of Pennsyvlania as we rally to increase public awarenness of the concerns so eloquently expressed on this BB, the message that RN'S are being injured needlessly on the job due to downsizing, another Psych RN was apparently murdered in her institution due to being ALONE on duty at the time of the assault, the lack of students entering the profession and hear the SOLUTIONS that are being offered.
    Further info can be found at our website: www.psna.org/Districts/dist23.htm

    Karen O'Hara RN, BSN
    Treasurer, DELCO Nurses Association/District 23 PSNA

    P.S.: Appology accepted and I applaud you for publically posting it. Let's start a new
    working relationship for you are both passionate about nursing. It's been a learning experience for all of us involved.

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  2. by   rncountry
    Just want everyone to note that if you go to the MNM website each of the supporters listed are Rons own websites. They are not someone elses, or other supporters there. I want to give more information, I just have to make sure I do so without doing anything that sounds slanderous, or can be constued as such.
  3. by   Chellyse66
    Thank you Karen, Jt, Tim, Wildtime and others that on this forum continued to ask the questions.
    I can tell you that Karen is saying is 100% correct.
    You would be much better served to go with an established organization that is above board, and mhelp to change it from within if you do not like the representation, or if you feel that you are not being equally represented.
    While I do not agree 100% with the ANA or any particular union or association, I believe that I will participate and continue to help bring about changes to the profession with credible organizations.
    The Nurse Lobby Day is open to all nurses and as many of us that can go should.
    The MNM leader(s) should still be held up to the laws governing non profits, and not try to lead unknowing volunteer nurses, giving them false hopes or expectations.
    Creative editing, non reporting, and profiteering will never accomplish the march. The goals of the Mission and vales set forth by the early enthusiasts have already changed. Please for those still involved seek disclosure and for those of you who care do not allow any other nurse in this profession be taken into this effort if the leadership continues.
    I for one will do what I can to ensure ethics, and will tell anyone who asks the realities about the movement. Where it was coming from genuinely and where it stands now.

    P.S. Get involved with your State or National Association, join a local or national union, actively try to support each other in the workplace, and continue to push managers, administrators, if you are in management continue to see the needs of your staff. Just be active, speak out and make changes however you can.
  4. by   Barbara Rose
    well, you know I have to get in my 2cents!! I do appreciate the apologies as well, however, I don't feel they are necessary. As I have known all of you in the past, I feel that it was not deliberate, and we all make mistakes (I make several a day actually). Anyway, let me tell you that in Texas, only 3% of the nurses are represented by TNA, that is pitiful!!! How can 3% lead the profession? You need to get involved or things will never change. I have met with Clair Jordan of TNA, she is a nice lady, but hasn't worked the floor in some time. Do we see eye to eye? No, but we are still working together. TNA and BNE are coming to Paris for a town hall meeting that I am sponsoring with the support of a few friends and nurses. No one really wants to make waves, but someone has to lead us forward. Why not me? I am middle aged now (boy I hate that) and when you begin to look back, you have to know you made a difference, that your life, your career work meant something. I have lots of friends, a wonderful family, but I need to know that after I'm long gone nursing will be better because I cared enough to do something when given the opportunity. Letter writing, joining groups, attending seminars and meetings, anything that gives you a better understanding and education is helping. Ask questions, demand answers, and what ever you do, don't sit still. Karen, wish I could make Philly the 5th, but I am going to austin in May and DC in June, unless it was free I couldn't make it but don't worry, I will scour the papers for coverage!!!!!!
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Checked at work,RN who's off on 6/26 is willing to switch days so I can attend rally in Washington, just need supervisor's approval, so will let you guy's know. Would be wonderful to meet you all. Will keep you informed.

    ANA membership form available at the website or I can send/email to anyone interested.