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I am in my first semester ADN school. This may seem like a really rediculous question but here goes - I can't seem to get a definitive answer from my instructor. We were instructed that we were... Read More

  1. by   nurseleigh
    On the flip side of this, I am in my first semester for LPN and we were taught to ALWAYS assess the nails and trim when needed UNLESS you know there is a reason not to. But to always, as students, check with the nursing staff to see if you can trim nails on your patient.

  2. by   LoisJean
    Good for you, Traci!

    And to you, Carole....tsk,tsk, tsk; to each their own.
  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    HAve toenail clippers and nail files. Will travel. LOL

    WHEN did this care become obsolete for nurses????????????????
    BASIC training in my LPN program in 1977......maybe thats why it's one of my pet peeves....along with dirty fuzzy navels and ear wax!

    Been trimin nails for last 25 years: we did it as nursing aides in SNF in 1974 too, but not on diabetics or those with PVD---Podiatrist visited. Great podiatrists in SE PA, probably cause 2 schools here and BIG house call business. If necrotic toes, thick fungal nails, excessive corns, calluses I defer to them.

    If no nail brush in the home, I ask for clean toothbrush. Carry nail brush and tooth brush from dollar store along with liquid hand soap in my bag. No basin? Fill gallon plastic bag if patient can sit and feet fit or kitchen trash bag with warm sudsy water....even used doubled grocery bags on top of towel lightly tied to bedbound patients ankles for a good soak, then GENTLY cleanse. Encourage lotion bottom top (not between toes).Have found that dollar store coca butter lotion good for most people, especially dark skined individuals. Diabetics and those with PVD, prone to cellulitis have seen RX Lachydrin work wonders.

    Lois Jean, would love to get your info too.

    My HH agency uses monofilament for all diabetic screenings for Cor Solutions diabetic patients along with Hgb A1C lab draw.
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    My feet love this thread And a BIG bravo to the Lois, the "footlady".