Why I'm going to be a Nurse

  1. Why I decided to become a Nurse

    I pretty much grew up in a Hospital. My Mother had been very ill for many years and had spent the equivalent of three and half years in the hospital during my first 18 years of life. (I am 26 now)For many years my mother was misdiagnosed with midline granuloma and eventualy was diagnosed with Leishmaniasis. I was always by her side. It was there that I learned taht I wanted to become a Nurse.

    This is what I remember about the Nurses:

    They pretty much let me have the run of the place. Each floor had a kitchen stocked with Gram Crackers, Juice, and Sprite for the patients. Along with other goodies etc. The door said "Nurses Only" But I did not let that stop me. I would go and get my mom whatever she wanted, and myself as well. lol They would always ask for extra juice and crackers to be stocked when they knew my mother was going to be back from a surgery and I would be around. They did not mind. I would help them fill pitchers for water and pour drinks for patients and make them coffee and tea when they were on there breaks.

    I would fall asleep with my mom at times or in the lounge. But they were always full of people. Many times I would go into a empty room to let my mom rest and I would just watch TV or find an empty bed to sleep in. They would wake me when a patient was coming to make the room up etc. But for the most part they just left me alone.

    The Doctors would do there rounds pat me on the head as they walked by and say "And this is our future Nurse".

    The supply closet!!! Oh, that was my favorite place. Anything I wanted the Nurses would give to me. (They would remove the needle from the syringes for me so i would not get hurt.) Band-Aids, No-rinse Shampoo (I swear I had a case of that stuff), Lotion, and hospital gowns and thermomaters. And one nurse even gave me my own Stehascope! So I could play "Nurse" at home. I remember being seven years old and having a nurse help me make a bed for my doll. My doll, like my mom had just came out of surgery. So she had a IV, and bandages and Tubes all taped to her. Poor little Cabage Patch Doll. The Nurse would come and check my Moms vitals and would have to check my dolls as well.

    I also spent many hours in the surgery family waiting room. Playing games, watching tv and doing homework. I remember they had these coupons for free drinks in the cafeteria and I would always grab some and get free drinks.

    The Nurses station always had paper and pens and highlighters to color with. I would make my mom drawings and give some to the Nurses as well. They would let me get whatever I wanted and needed.

    Many years passed and my mother did not go back into the hospital. She was declared in remission and that is when my grandmother fell ill with melanoma. So, it was daily visits to the hospital this time for my grandmother to get chemo treatments. I dont remember much of that time. She unfortunately did not make it.

    Then about a year after that after my 12th birthday my Mother started to get sick again. That is when she was finally diagnosed with Leishmaniasis and started Radiation treatments and eventually Chemotherapy. I spent the whole summer before my sixth grade year going with my Mom to oncology to get her treatments. As you know the treatments can be long and I would be in the waiting room. Most of my time was spent playing with the kids and toddles who unfortunately had cancer and were there for treatments as well. I would go to the family surgery waiting room and get coupons for free drinks for the brothers and sisters of the kids who were getting treatments. the Nurse in the Surgery waiting area rememberd me and would hook me up with many coupons for all of us. I would also give coupons to the nurses there because they were working long shifts and needed something to drink.

    through all my hardships and troubles and suffering I have seen of family members, and others I have met along the way it was always the nurses that helped when I needed it the most. they did it because they cared. Not because it was a job. When I was 17 or so my Mom started Chemo at home and her Home Health Nurse told me I should go into Nursing school. She said I had that look in me like I wanted to help people. And she was right..

    Its theraputic for me. Its a way to give back. And yes Nurses do have a heart of gold.

    Oh ya ... and today my mom is disease free and healthy..
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  3. by   ohbet
    Well,those are good reasons.
  4. by   Rustyhammer
    I needed a job and I saw an ad for nursing assistants (will train).
    I had never been in a nursing home before but I went in and they hired me (despite no work references). After about 3 months I decided that having the license was where it was at so I enrolled in school, got myself a license and have been nursing for the last 17 years.
  5. by   l.rae
    SGCAgirl......congrats.......beautiful story...what kind of nurse do you want to be...or do you know yet? I think you will be a wonderful nurse. What kind of program will you be taking? lf you ever have to write and essay for school....l think this one is an A+! GOOD LUCK and keep us updated.....LR
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    originally posted by l.rae
    sgcagirl......congrats.......beautiful story...what kind of nurse do you want to be...or do you know yet? i think you will be a wonderful nurse. what kind of program will you be taking? lf you ever have to write and essay for school....l think this one is an a+! good luck and keep us updated.....lr
    i second that response, l.rae. sgcagirl, you sound like a born-nurse, and i wish you all the best in your life whatever you do and wherever you go. glad to hear your mom is in remission and healthy today! i loved reading your story, and thanks for sharing it here with so many others. your mom is very blessed to have such a wonderful daughter! :kiss
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    I agree, beautiful story, though sad, I was touch by your memories of the nurses who cared... I'm an awe of your strength, and your obvious giving nature from such a young age. I hope you become a nurse very soon, as you're the one I want caring for me... You are a wonderful daughter, and your mother and grandmother were very lucky to have you by their side. But I know they always knew that... Best wishes to you and your mom...