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I'm in a big rut. And I need to get out. I've worked both step down Med./Surg and step down cardiac (angioplasty/open heart) We are totally feeling the nursing shortage. It's to the point I... Read More

  1. by   Jenny P
    Originally posted by dawngloves
    ...the thought of going back to rolling big old poopy butts on gorks that were adding to the census. (hope I dont sound too insensitive!)....
    As far as working conditions, if you found someplace even halfway decent, stay, because it's not much better elsewear
    Dawngloves, that first comment WAS totally insensitive-- what if it was your mother or grandmother? Would you want other nurses to refer to them like that? And as far as the 2nd comment that I quoted of yours, I do believe that there are better working conditions out there. I don't mean to rebuke you in public like this, but your comments need a response.
  2. by   anitame
    I LOVE my job. It did take me a few tries to find my niche. I had a few jobs that were just ok, another one where I liked the job, just hated the politics. All of those were out of hospital positions. Now I work in labor and delivery/postpartum and I really like going to work. It's a wonderful thing. If you aren't happy, change. There are way too many nursing jobs to do something you don't like. JMHO
  3. by   Jenny P
    Okay, now I'm off my high horse. I love my job and where I work even after being here 23 years. I still learn something new every day. I do get frustrated with some co-workers at times but I address my frustrations towards the person who bugs me. My hospital has a bunch of strong-willed nurses who make their voices heard when we object to policy changes and our administration at least appears to listen to us. We are unionized through our nursing association, so our concerns are addressed when it comes to work place issues.

    Askater, I worked in newborn nursery and in community health before I found how much I loved critical care. And I worked in a number of different hospitals and types of critical care units til I found this unit. You need to sit down and list what you like about your current job and what you hate; and really try to find what interests you and see what area of nursing appeals to you most. If you like what you are crrently doing but hate your work environment, then try changing hospitals. If you want a change but don't know what you want, try agency nursing and see what is out there in your area.
  4. by   dawngloves
    Originally posted by Jenny P

    Dawngloves, that first comment WAS totally insensitive--
    If it was my family member I hope I would have better sense than to keep them alive for my own selfish reasons. I can't tell you the amount of times I've cared for pts with a very, very poor prognosis that the families insisted everything be done for. We spent weeks, months slaving over these poor souls that knew of nothing but suffering in their failed bodies and no amout of logic could change the families mind and the docs just wanted their check. This is exactly why I left adult ICU.

    And my comment about working conditions has been misconstrued. I did agency and everywhere I went the staff would piss and moan about how bad it was, even in places I thought had it pretty good! So, unless the state is closing your hospital down I would stay were I was. You never know how good you have it until you go somewhere else.
  5. by   askater11
    I'd love to work ICU. Actually that was my plan but instead became pregnant. 3 year's later I totally have the itch to leave.

    I'm dragging my feet on the thought of working med/surg/ cardiac floor.

    But the thought of losing contingency breaks my heart. I want to stay home with the kids as much as possible. I know I'll quit this job in a few months. I just have to decide what to do???

    I love the posts...keep them coming!!!! I'm so happy most of you enjoy your job. For the "most" part I agree it's a good profession...there's so many avenues.
  6. by   GPatty
    I love working with my geri patients...
    but I would like to expand my horizons someday.....
    wonder what else I can get into?
  7. by   VictoriaG
    I love my job as OR nurse supervisor, but it didn't happen overnight. Eight years L&D (the thrill was gone), three years perinatal bereavement counselor where I brought the families' sorrows home with me, brief stints in home health and med-surg until I finally wound up in surgery. Your niche is out there, go for it! That's the beauty of our profession, there are so many opportunities out there. Why stay in a job you hate?