Who can tell me about the nurses' future in USA, Canada and Australia?

  1. I was heard that there are a great shortage of nurse in USA, Canada and Australia. Many nurses in China are now studying hard for going abroad. Who can tell me about their future if they could go there?
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  3. by   joannep
    Hi Chinaway,
    Here in Australia there are many asian nurses, mostly from singapore, hong kong, and malaysia. The web site that you would find of most interest is the Australian Nursing Council.
    Good luck
  4. by   imeejon
    Hi Joannep
    Hi Chinaway

    We also have a severe nursing shortage in the UK.We already have some nurses from the PRC, thousands of Filipinos, and also Spanish.(Spain is the only European country with a surplus of nurses.They are excellent as long as they speak good English. There are quite a few Australians arriving too.At the same time Aussie hospitals are advertising here for UK nurses! I read in papers here that the UK is sponsoring English language tuition for nurses in the PRC.Good websites are Http://www.nmc-uk.org (for information on registration etc.) and http://www.nursingtimes.net (for jobs).If you are qualified,you can try applying direct to a National Health Service (NHS) hospital. They know how to recruit from overseas.Most foreign registered nurses have to work as auxilliaries until they get on the UK register.Many need adaption courses whch are free and organised by employers during paid working hours.Aussie nurses can get theirs in advance by submitting data to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC - website above). The NMC has announced its intention to put this on line soon.
    Newly qualified nurses in the NHS are D grade and start on 16,100 pounds per year basic(under review).Thats about 45,000AUD and about 206,000China Renminbi.In practice, due to shift premiums etc, it is around 18000pounds.After 1 year at D grade you can usually apply for an E grade position, then after a couple more years F grade etc.Of course, if you are already qualified and have particular skills/experience, you can apply at any level.How do I know all this? Because I'm only a student nurse,but am being bombarded with this stuff every week.Also, I do work part-time in facilities because I need the money.
    For Chinaway,
    We have at least half a million British Chinese here.They are well regarded, and more integrated into society than some other races.There are also many overseas Chinese students in our Universities.
    PS. I hope there are still jobs for us when we finish next year!
  5. by   renerian
    I know Australia has a shortage. I wanted to go there but I have a BS instead of a BSN and they said I would have to go to school there since it was not a BSN. Plus the visa fee was over 3.000 which I cannot afford. The hospital would not sponsor me......

  6. by   fergus51
    There is a shortage in Canada, but it really depends on what province. I am in BC and the gov't recently closed several hospitals and cut beds at several others so there was a fair sized number of nurses who lost their jobs and had to take any vacancies that were available. LOTS of jobs remain available in rural areas and that will be the case for YEARS!!
  7. by   chinaway
    Dear all:
    Thanks so much for your advices. Those are ver useful for me.
    I was a nurse in China. Now I have heard that ther are a great shortage of nurse in Western Country. I am considering to go abroad. So I want to become a nurse again.

    As my nursing license has been invalid for a long time. How could I do next for become a register nurse in Western Country?

    Thanks a lot for your kindness.

  8. by   imeejon
    Hi Chinaway,

    Is there no way you could renew your licence in China?
    We have a programme in the UK to get former nurses back into the profession. It is based on completing a free refresher course.
    The course is individually tailored and can be done while working.
    Unfortunately this requires presence in the UK.
    If you are an ex-nurse, you could still apply to work at a British hospital if you say you intend to return to your former profession.
    You could work as an auxilliary while completing an adaption course under your employers supervision.Even if you were already licenced in China, you would still have to complete an adaption couse and have your competence assessed before you could become registered in the UK.Do you still have your documents?
    Dont give up hope.
    Why don't you write a letter to the cultural attache at the British Embassy in Beijing. State that you are a former nurse and ask if there are any scholarships available for you to study in the UK to requalify.You may be surprised.
    Good luck in your efforts
  9. by   imeejon
    Hi renarian,
    I just noticed your post.
    You should look up the website posted by joannep to find out what quals. are needed.Where did you get that info on costs?
    it seems unbelievable.What kind of visa are you talking about?
    In the UK an Aussie visa is a maximum of US$30! And $3000 is enough for package holidays to Australia including roundtrip airfares. you can get visa info from the Aussie Embassy website in Washington DC.
    Of course, to work in Australia you would need a work permit,but the employer that.Advertisements in the UK for nurses in Australia all include a package of benefits covering airfares,permits etc. as a minimum,as well as access to continuing education and in some cases,accommodation.
    In th UK it is illegal for a prospective employer,whether local or foreign, to charge any fees whatsoever,for recruitment.
    About your Quals.Are you an RN?
    I stand to be corrected, not being Australian,but I would think that they will be far more interested in your professional qualifications than your degree.
    The reason is that although US nursing schools have been awarding degees for many years,this is not so in some other countries.In the UK university education for nursing students was introduced just a few years ago,and even now most are taking diploma courses (at universities) not degrees. But this has to do with funding.Diploma students receive a non-meanstested allowance from the Gov.Degree students do not.
    A British RN with or without any degree/diploma can work in Australia.You should check again for yourself. look on official sites.Stay away from agencies trying to make money out of you.Maybe joannep could tell you the websites of some Aussie nurse magazines,or nurse agencies whch you could have a look at.
    Keep trying!
  10. by   mattsmom81
    Originally posted by renerian
    I know Australia has a shortage. I wanted to go there but I have a BS instead of a BSN and they said I would have to go to school there since it was not a BSN. Plus the visa fee was over 3.000 which I cannot afford. The hospital would not sponsor me......

    Good grief. Denying you cuz you're a RN BS?? Can't be much of a 'real' shortage then can there?...when one can afford to be THIS fussy..

    Does Australia now mandate BSN as entry level for RN's? (sigh) Oh well...just another place I can't go to, eh?
  11. by   chinaway
    hi, imeejon

    Thanks for your very useful information.

    I will work hard on that way.

    Thanks a lot.

  12. by   imeejon
    Hi Chinaway,
    If you need any addresses, post on here.
    I know you have limited access to the www,and that it is hard to earn much in China.Good luck in your quest.

    Hi renerian
    Hi mattsmom81

    I don't know who in the USA is telling you that Australia requires nurses to have a BSN, or that a visa costs $3000.
    I expect it is one of those mecenary US placement agencies which aims to make a lot of money from you.

    I am going to show you that it is just NOT TRUE.
    But first, why don't you follow joannepp's advice and have a look at the Australian nurses site at http://www.anci.org.au.

    Here in the UK there are many ads for overseas positions in our nursing magazines,and lots of specialist recruiters.
    When you see a job advertised in Australia it never asks for ANY degree. It asks for RNs! As in the UK,lots of nurses do not have degrees because it is only in recent years that universities became responsible for nurse education. Before that there were no nursing degrees.These days, the degree you receive depends on your university.Even today, as an example, more than 50% of UK student nurses graduate with a Diploma in Higher Education/Nursing rather than a degree,but they are automatically registered in the UK,(on payment of the fee!),and welcome in Australia, and the US.
    Each state in Australia has its own nurses register,and of course you must be on it to practise there.All states seem to be very recruit friendly.If you want to work there as an RN on arrival you need to register 3 months in advance.You can do it yourself,but why bother when there are so many employment agencies will do it for you FREE. Some UK nurses even work there for a few weeks while on vacation. Even that is encouraged.
    The Aussie boards are interested in proof of your professional competency to meet their requirements. You need a 100% pass in their pharmacology and skills assessment. Any US nurse should meet that with ease.Of course,you will have to be on your home register and have refs etc.,proof of training,experience etc.
    Here are some Agencies which advertise in the UK.THEY pay recruitment expenses,not you!They are all from Nursing Times dated 22 October.(http:www.nursingtimes.net)

    http://www.bbt.co.uk (on this one type 'Australia'in the search box and you will see actual available vacancies listed,with full information on location etc)

    Just for info.
    Cedars Medical Center in Miami is here in the UK ,trying to recruit. New grads.are welcome.they are offering a $5000 sign-on bonus for a two year contract,paid relocation,onsite childcare,free C/Ed,free parking,excellent preceptorship programmes etc etc etc.
    info at http://www.hcahealthcare.com or