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I'm a nursing student who is going to be starting a new position as a Unit Tech in a CCU in a couple of weeks. I'll be working two 12 hour weekend shifts and one 8 hour weeknite shift and I really... Read More

  1. by   Goofball
    I get huge rocks (callouses) on the bottoms of my big toes and plantar area, from being on my feet
    13-16 hours per day. I've tried every brand of shoe out there. Nothing helped 'til I started seeing a podiatrist, and forcing myself to sit more, even if just for a minute, while talking on the phone, looking up a med, charting, etc.
    A podiatrist (or a pedorthist) can make you some
    custom inserts so you can wear almost any shoe.
    They like you to bring the shoes you pick out, then they fit you for inserts by making a plaster or foam mold to your foot. My insurance paid for it, after pre-auth by the Dr's office checking with them. As far as regular shoes though, I agree that New Balance is great (lots of toe spread)
    HATE Reebox DMX (too squeaky and boxed in/hot)
    but I love Nursemates with my orthotics, they are perfect. Hate birkis, they feel like wood.
  2. by   sandigapeachlpn
    Originally posted by JenKatt
    Ya'll could always wear what I wear to work all night sometimes: combat boots. They truely are really comfortable and give great ankle support, look pretty nifty with scrubs.. don't think they'd look that good with whites tho....
    first of all i was so tickled to see Ya'll , i have been in idaho for 3 years and everybody makes fun of me for saying YA'LL. Second, girlfriend how do you get away with wearing combat boots at work? i mean are they army issue or what? and you are truly inspiring.