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I'm a nursing student who is going to be starting a new position as a Unit Tech in a CCU in a couple of weeks. I'll be working two 12 hour weekend shifts and one 8 hour weeknite shift and I really... Read More

  1. by   tiger
    on the subject of shoes. anybody ever heard of such craziness? first we were told that nursing would wear all white shoes. this was after 9 years wearing whatever. then it changed to all white tennies or any color clog. what the hell is the diff...
  2. by   night owl
    Totally agree with Cindy_A. Everyone is built differently and it's a matter of "finding" the right shoe that fits and gives you the most support. I did find the best shoe at one time made by Brooks. I could have come home and went to sleep with my shoes still on because I forgot I even had them on. I found them after 15 years on my feet as a nurse. After three years of walking bliss, they d/c'd them. I have been looking now for a few years and still can't find a shoe that even comes close, and yet I still keep searching...
  3. by   CashewLPN
    I wear a simple pair of aida's cross trainers... very comfy.... at my other job, I wore Plogs... they were nice because when they got skeeved, their all plasic design allowed you to use the hose followed by a hot soak in the washing machine... my hosp has a no clog policy, so we all wear the white shoes... yuck...
    one of my friends swears by rockers... and I cant stand them... no good for my tootsies...
  4. by   ccrn
    The Dansko professional clogs are comfortable for 8hrs but anything after that is pushing it. I've found the Reebok DMX walkers are really comfortable...but they do sqeak for some reason...on sale they are about $45. I bought a pedometer (just curious about the distance I walk at work) in an average 12hr shift I usually do 3miles and that is in a CCU not even on the floor. I get new shoes at least every 6 months.
    Good Luck with your choice.
  5. by   HazeK
    I work 12hr shifts in L&D....
    about 50% of the staff SWEAR by Birkinstocks..
    about 25% love PLOGS/or other plastic/moulded clogs...
    the rest of us wear a wide variey of 'sneakers'

    Me? I am old and very fat with a very, very wide foot...but I can buy a new pair of "NEW BALANCE" and wear them for 12 hrs the next day!

    You'll just have to try to see what is best for you.

    Look for good support/arches...
    Look for leathers & fabrics, they 'breathe'..
    Look for a wide, high "toe box" that won't constrict your toes or put pressure on them

    Face it, you'll be like most of us & buy several pairs you just can't wear for a full day's work...consider it a learning opportunity!

  6. by   KWD
    I swear by EASY SPIRITS--I can go 16-hour shifts with them. My NEW BALANCE last only 8 hours, and my ASICS GELS can go 12-16 hours, usually 12. I work on a busy MED-SURG floor, and am on my feet constantly. I also wear 6 1/2-7 EE, (Extra wide), and the EASY SPIRITS are easy to find in those sizes. Also EASY SPIRIT has major sales q6-12mo, and can be bought/ordered at greatly reduced prices. Arch supports also help a lot. I have been "floor nursing" for 30 years, and still do not have aching feet at the end of the day.
  7. by   oldhag
    While we're on the topic of shoes, can anyone tell me the amount of miles that are used to determine when the cushioning effect of the soles are done? I saw it somewhere a few years ago when talking about jogger/runners who use their shoes too long and end up with problems. Where I work I got myself and some of my co-workers to wear a pedometer and we averaged a whopping 8 miles per 8 hour shift. It's no wonder about a quarter of us have foot problems. If we can prove that we wear out our shoes faster than the rest of the real world then we may be able to negotiate a shoe allowance from our employer.
  8. by   charlotteswebrn

    I have worn the Cherokee Rockers successfully for 6 years...never a problem with my feet.Recently I have been diagnosed with "plantar fasciitis", at the foot clinic when I startd having terrible pain in one heel. The doc suggested a "cross trainer " type shoe. I bought the New Balance 608 with the ABSOBRZ cushioning. This has kept me on the job, 12 hour shifts, in CVICU, with no carpeting in a large hospital...lots of walking , just to get to my unit from the parking garage.The $60 + shipping from the Penney's catalog was worth it, just to keep on the job ! I plan to buy a second pair.
    Good luck on your job.
  9. by   JenKatt
    Ya'll could always wear what I wear to work all night sometimes: combat boots. They truely are really comfortable and give great ankle support, look pretty nifty with scrubs.. don't think they'd look that good with whites tho....
  10. by   lactationrn
    Birkenstocks!!! they mold to yoru foot shape. they are a lil stiff for about 2 shifts, then they are heaven! I worked full time for 4 yeaars and my birks are still in good shape.
  11. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I've tried a lot of different brands of shoe over the years and have found New Balance 554s (wide, even though my feet really aren't) to be the best. I wore Reebok Walk DMXs for years, but I too found they squeak too much, and they aren't as comfortable as the New Balance I'm wearing now. I tried Saucony walking shoes and they were okay, but not good enough to buy a second pair. And I tried Propet, "the Walking Shoe with the 1,000 Mile Guarantee". They were the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn for work, and my heels would ache for days after a single 12-hour shift.

    The current wisdom on how frequently to buy new shoes is about every six months if you work full time.
  12. by   ladybyrd
    My rule is: the shoe MUST be 100% comfortable from the first minute it's on my foot!

    Tennies makes my large feet seem enormous and with a skirt I look a bit like Minnie Mouse in white! I have found SAS leather shoes come in "D" width and I can buy a new pair and wear it for 16 hrs with no "break in" time!

    I also have painful flair ups of "plantar fachiatis" and have developed a trick for dealing with it! Using 3 inch "foam tape" to wrap around the middle portion of my foot, I start at the base of my toes, two overlapping wraps and ending just past my arch/instep.

    I used to have to horrid foot pain the day after working. Since taping my feet, I havent had to take any more Naprosyn!
  13. by   shyviolet78
    Thanks for all the great responses! I ended up getting a pair of New Balance 608 Cross-Trainers. I had to buy a half size smaller than my normal size and get a wide, even though I don't normally need a wide. They are excellent. Well worth the $$!

    Also, thanks for the tip about replacing every 6 months!!