Which PDA is best for nursing

  1. I start nursing school in January. My school gives a choice b/w Palm Tungsten E2 and Palm TX. The second is about $100 more and has Wi-Fi. Other than that anyone have any feedback on what's best?
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  3. by   GilaRRT
    Check the prior threads on PDA's. There was a very extensive discussion on PDA's. As I remember, both the T/X and E2 were covered.
  4. by   Brian
    We actually have a forum specifically for Nursing and PDAs located under the Forums Tab here: PDAs and Nursing

    I'd suggest reading that forum, possibly searching just that forum for more info. Good Luck in School!
  5. by   NursingAgainstdaOdds
    Just don't get an HP Pocket PC. Mine died 2 days after the warranty expired (90 day warranty). $250, plus $100 for PDA-specific software, and I got to use it for 3 months. (HP had absolutely no concern that this occurred, by the way.)
  6. by   HM2VikingRN
    Palm TX

    Great unit.

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