Where is the job for an experienced RN?

  1. I am RN with about 5 years experience in tele/med/sug, want to relocate to a big city area. But I don't know where are the jobs? Which city is hiring. Your suggestions are highly appreciated.
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  3. by   reigh
    Pretty sure if you want to work in that feild with that much acute care expirince you can apply to any major city. I've been struggling in Seattle since being laid off from an LTC managment position but if my expirience was in acute care over LTC care it would count to hospitals. I know Nothwest Hospital, Swedish (three facilites) Hospitals, Providence Hospital, Overlake Hospital, Evergreen Hospital, Highline Hospital, Group Health Clinics, Multicare Hospital, Good Sameritan Hospital, Fransiscan Hospital, Childrens Hospital, Virgina Mason Hospital, University of Washington Hospital, Harborview Hospital, Tacoma General Hospital, and Steven's Hospital are all hiring RN's with one to two year expirience but that has to be acute care expirience. One peice of advise though if you work north or south of seattle on I-5 at some of these not located in Seattle proper you should live there too. Rush hour drives can escalate to many times the amount of time to drive them 2hours is not unheard of if you don't live close to work and living expences like rent are high. Expect to pay 1,000 at the least for a one bedroom apartment without utilities being included.
  4. by   gonzo1
    Dallas/Fort Worth area hiring, just got back from a travel job out that way
  5. by   niceone
    Thank you guys for the replies. Seattle too expensive to live. Plus, it is to cloudy. Dallas/Fort Worth sounds good, I applied four positions there online, have not heard a word yet. Are sure Dallas/Fort Worth are hiring? Thank you.
  6. by   Prettyladie
    Quote from gonzo1
    Dallas/Fort Worth area hiring, just got back from a travel job out that way
    I was about to say the same thing, minus the travel job =)
  7. by   otiscokat
    Louisville Ky. has jobs. There are 10 big hospitals now,with 1 more to open this fall. 6 hospitals are part of Nortons. Look up Norton Healthcare for job info.Cost of living is not high and if you cross the Ohio river to southern In. cost of living is even lower and is only 10 minutes longer for the commute. Also look up Jewish Hospital, St. Mary and Elizabeth, Baptist Hospital. Our weather is moderate, with 4 seasons. The people are mostly friendly. There is a real small town feeling here, but Louisville is the 16th largest city in the US. Where ever you look, good luck
  8. by   niceone
    Than you for the nice reply. I will check into it.
  9. by   gonzo1
    Dallas area hospitals are definately hiring. Presby Allen, RHD, Parkland. I was offered a job at every hospital I did per diem at.
    My husband and I like the Dallas area. Like every where there are problems, bad drivers, domestic violence, etc. But the people are scarey friendly and there are jobs.
    Keep us updated. Good luck
  10. by   niceone
    Thank you for your good suggetions. I wil be moving to Dallas in a couple of months. Hopefully, I will be able to land a job before we move down there.
  11. by   wizeone7
    I can tell you that the Raleigh, NC area does NOT have jobs. Sigh...
  12. by   niceone
    Quote from wizeone7
    I can tell you that the Raleigh, NC area does NOT have jobs. Sigh...
    Thank you very much. NC is a nice place to move to. Right now, it seems there are jobs in Texas.
  13. by   wizeone7
    I have been told the same thing by a nurse who lives in Texas.
  14. by   niceone
    How about Sand Diego area? Thank you.