Where do you nurse? - page 5

I have a question for the polls I haven't seen here yet. Where do you nurse, hospital/homehealth/hospice/nursing home/ clinic? Second question what is your speciality? Me, I work in a clinic... Read More

  1. by   Lizard101
    I teach at a high school and nurse them too! The seniors in Health Occupations I go to the nursing home with...they love it! New recruits!
  2. by   cindyln
    I work on a mother/baby unit.
  3. by   amylynn
    Peds ICU on Fri/Sat night shift, then as an "agency nurse" I work Tues/Weds night shift in a Newborn ICU.
    LOVE IT!!
  4. by   texoradon
    I am in Alaska ..I do home health, part time and a locked unit with the state full time ...
  5. by   PHN_LYNN
    I'm a Public Health Nurse for Los Angeles County Foster Care. No nights, no weekends, no holidays AND I get every other Friday off!
  6. by   shell79
    I am a student nurse, and I am doing a little bit of everything. Remeber while working with students, that you were once one.
  7. by   Brownbetty
    Hospital - Neonatal ICU
  8. by   niasmama
    I work in LTC and have for over 20 years
  9. by   PrincessJ
    I work for Hospice in Fl
  10. by   woundnurse
    Home health as CWOCN (Certified wound, ostomy, continence nurse) Per diem with no weekends... Love it...
  11. by   <3Nurse<3
    i am an lpn for the state of florida dept of corrections...... i work in transfer and receiving and do everything from teaching inmates to drawing blood interviewing them and sending them off to permanent camps to finish their sentences.... a very fufilling job!
  12. by   KaraLea
    I am a LVN at a State Psychiatric Hospital.
  13. by   casperbjs
    I work in a nursing home, but it is the residential section. All the residents are independent. It's great!