where do you lay a tire to stop bleeding in venos transfusion ?

  1. where do you lay a tire to stop bleeding in venos transfusion ?
    I want to know how do you do in transfusion?
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  3. by   P_RN
    Rose, I see you are from China. I do not understand your question. Tire is not the word. Did you mean tourniquet? A rubber strip to stop blood flow?


    If you mean how to stop bleeding, then direct pressure on the site would be the answer.
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  4. by   deathnurse
    Originally posted by a-rose
    where do you lay a tire to stop bleeding in venos transfusion ?
    I want to know how do you do in transfusion?
    Can't pass this one up...

    Lay tire around throat. Inflate tire. Spin tire, till patient lay down. Venous take care of self.

  5. by   nurs4kids
    lol, deathnurse..sick..hillarious

    I thought, "..damn, "tire"?? this is a new one on me..I gotta get out of peds!!" roflmao
  6. by   debbyed

    a-rose: Please excuse us, it's that dark side of our humor raising it's ugly head. Please try to explain further what information you are requesting, we really will try to help.
  7. by   armyrn
    In the O.R. we say that hemostasis via exanguination is 100% effective. In other words, all bleeding stops eventually!
  8. by   a-rose
    nice to meet you! thankyou!
    yes, it mean tourniquet. how long the tourniquet to injection spot?
  9. by   thisnurse
    hello arose

    im still not understanding your question?
    are you asking if you should use a tourniquet
    to stop bleeding?
  10. by   jayna
    ..if you mean to put in intravenouse transfusion, then do what the others (Carole Kirby)had said, like tie the torniquet above where you want to put the catheter.....
    ...if you want to stop the bleeding , apply direct pressure to the site..
    ..but in some cases, i have noticed some doctors, applying pressure furthest from the body(below).. i have tried this before like applying a torniquet below the site where you want to put cannula, and it helps, because we know vein carried blood from the body to the heart and so if you apply pressure below the site, the bleeding will stop..if the vein is superficial, apply pressure below that vein and voila!!!!..

    try that.... for confrimation
  11. by   a-rose
    how much is the distance from the tourniquet to stick the needle?
    it's 6CM in our nursing book.
  12. by   canoehead
    I don't know anyone who measures how far above the site they put the tourniquet. Just give yourself enough room to do the procedure.
  13. by   a-rose
    I think the far is not very fit. So want to understand some from your. Do write in your nursing book?
  14. by   canoehead
    When you are a nursing student it helps to understand why the book wants you to do a procedure in a certain way. If you understand why then you will be able to change the parts of the procedure that don't fit the situation, and still know that your patient is safe.

    For example you could put a tourniquiet 6cm above a venipuncture site, or 10cm, so long as it still slows the flow of blood in his veins and makes the vein you are going to stick bigger.

    If you want to do something differently from the book sometimes a more experienced nurse can help you decide what is appropriate and what is dangerous. But you should always be able to tell people why you do things the way you do, whether you follow the book or not.

    Good luck