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Ours last year was a Walmart card for $50. Probably the same this year.... Read More

  1. by   Schatzi RN CEN
    Wow, I thought we were being treated really crummy here, but we actually received a twenty dollar bill from my one employer, and a 10 dollar gift certificate from the other. I was going to come on here and complain, but I think I'll just be quiet and go on.
  2. by   Schatzi RN CEN
    I guess I have to add that besides the bonus we are NOW (starting on 1/1/07) getting paid holiday pay for 6 (SIX) yes really six holidays instead of just Thanksgiving and Christmas day as in the previous years, and can you believe that office personnell is actually upset about the new rule?
  3. by   NurseWi_JennJenn
    Bonus?? Nothing... well, they did bring up food to our floor on 3rd shift.

    My manager handed out socks to the people that were working 1 day, and than that was her Christmas present to ALL of us!! No socks for me I guess.
  4. by   micco
    When I worked at a LTC, I received $175. This year, I work in a hospital (large corporation) and received $50. As a medical transcriptionist, I received a gift each year such as candles, 2 pound chocolate computer, etc and $50 to $100 depending on how much I made that year. My bonus is smaller this year, but it was $50 I didn't have before.
  5. by   jimthorp
    Quote from xptp29a
    A one-year membership to the jelly of the month club.


    What a good movie...
    Gotta get the DVD...tape is wearing out, LOL
  6. by   Saz4370
    I got a Late followed by an Early shift for Christmas and Nights for new year... Isn't life grand as a government employee!!!
    Thank God we're dedicated.
  7. by   MartyLPN
    no bonus here. however, if i work a holiday i make double time and a half, plus shift diff and cert pay.....$$$$$ cha ching!.....so not getting a bonus is no big deal to me.
  8. by   rntammyp
    ---Quote (Originally by BeccaRN1970)---
    Surprisingly you haven't been called on this yet...please remember there are
    Jewish RNs reading this site too (such as me), and rude stereotypes such as this
    are insulting and crappy!
    ---End Quote---

    I didn't take to mean the same thing as you. To me, she was saying that her
    manager didn't have to give anything at all and it was nice and thoughtfull to
    get something.

    Becca --No offense meant!! I was just saying I had a nice boss, sorry and Happy Channukah (sp?)
  9. by   worldtraveler
    Quote from martylpn
    no bonus here. however, if i work a holiday i make double time and a half, plus shift diff and cert pay.....$$$$$ cha ching!.....so not getting a bonus is no big deal to me.
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    nurse have to be careful when they say they are getting "double time pay" for working christmas day. in reality, all they are getting is a normal day's pay and here's why; most hospitals pay for christmas whether you work or not, as its a federal government mandated holiday. you are truly getting double time if the end result in your check is two times over the rate of normal pay, not including the pay for the holiday, you would recieve even if you are working or not. say if your normal payrate is $25/hr, then you would have to see $75 per hour in total if you are really getting double time time. figure the holiday pay if you work or not($25/hr), plus double your pay rate($50) = $75/hr(true double time). always subtract the automatic hospital pay from your holiday pay to tally your true payrate if working a holiday!! not to say its bad if you want to work a holiday like christmas, just be aware of what payrate you truly are receiving. i never work the holidays if asked because the va hospital(federal goverment) never pays true double time, they only give you an extra day's pay. i would rather have the time off since i am getting payed anyways. when i worked in heavy construction and the merchant marine before returning to nursing school, we were truly payed double time for working a holiday such as christmas as in the end we ended up with 3 times our normal hour pay scale in our check. i am surprised some nurses think they are getting double time on christmas when in reality all they getting is an extra's day's pay,,,,new hospital legalese i guess,,,
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  10. by   beep1
    Well, I,m not the only one who doesn't receive a bonus. I work the grave yard shift, but I have to say that the cafeteria people come in and cook a special Thanksgiving & Christmas meal for us. They even stay and serve it to us. They do this on their own. :chuckle
  11. by   StatBlues
    CEO gets one, for saving money. Making us sweat with less AC. And, no supplies.
    No bonus.
    God forbid someone in the family die during this time.
    Tough luck.
  12. by   sunnyd11
    Our world judges bonuses based on how much money you can make for the main man. Nurses will never see justice for the work they do on this planet. Yes, its nice to get a little something, like in everyother field but this. Remember knowone can take away our soul, that holds all of our bonuses, and only the special feeling that we (as nurses) get from doing an honorable job.
  13. by   medicrnohio
    At one of my EMS jobs the boss used to have a great party for the full time people. He would make arrangements for those working to have coverage during the party. There was always excellent food (one of his sons was a chef) and free drinks. He would hand out $100 in cash to everyone. That was a small family owned company.