What's the nurse-patient ratio in your unit? - page 3

I wanted to get a poll on nurse patient ratio. I know its different in every unit. So if you can indicate what unit you work in, that would be great! Thank you. I work in a neuro tele unit and we... Read More

  1. by   PalmettoNurseOR
    I work on an Orthopaedics unit and we are 5:1 on days and 6:1 on nights, sometimes 7:1.
  2. by   bamaguy1989
    I work on the medical floor in a Georgia hospital and typical is starting with 4 to 5 patients. I have had to go to 6 patients a few times which is usually awful! I work nights but on days they at least have a charge with no patients. Also CNAs are supposed to have around 10 patients but sometimes they go up to around 12-13.
  3. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from JesusKeepMe
    Psych unit I worked on, would usually have 5-6 pts, but Ive had 16 pts plus two techs when I was short an RN.
    When I used to work outside of California, they were short that second nurse a lot...and often short that second tech too. Just one of several reasons why I'm planning to stay in CA.
  4. by   bankssarn
    When I worked tele, it was 1:6-7. When I worked med-surg, it was 1:5. We never had more than 5 on that unit. The nurse leader would take patients before giving us more than 5.
  5. by   DisneyNurseGal
    My med/surg unit is 4:1 during the day 6:1 at night.
  6. by   crystalNC
    Med/Surg- 6 patients, if we get rid of 3 we have to admit 3.
  7. by   vintage_RN
    Surgical trauma, 4:1 on days and 6:1 on nights.
  8. by   cardiacfreak
    I work on a telemetry/stroke/ICU step-down. We take all CVA patients that are not TPA'd for the first 24hours (usually longer), post-op CABG, cardiac gtts but we can't titrate, all glucostabilizers, and all other cardiac patients, add a few ETOH and OD patients too. Our ratio is 1:4 on days and 1:5 on nights. I think I need a raise.
  9. by   mmgirlsmom
    Psych nurse, usually 8:1 depending on census but 8 is maximum. This is day shift.
  10. by   ausrnurse
    ICU 1:1 for vented pts, 2:1 for non-vented (depends on acuity). When I worked in dialysis it was 4:1 for chronics and 3:1 for acutes.
  11. by   PacoUSA
    Med/tele: when staffing is optimal, we are 4:1, but 5:1 is more the norm. We had 6:1 last summer consistently while new grads were still on orientation, that was a nightmare. Our unit/hospital does not have different ratios for days/nights.
  12. by   workingmama77
    Geriatric Acute Care with Hospice - up to 6 patients(depending on acuity & census)
  13. by   Racer15
    ED, it ranges anywhere from 3-5 to 1 depending on how swamped we are.