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The other day a patient baked me a homemade berry pie and brought it up to the floor with a really nice note saying some of the sweetest things! It made me feel so special!... Read More

  1. by   nurse_nadine
    I work several different types of nursing. one being nuero/medical IMC . I had a patient dieing at 31 years old from alcoholism..because of msof. His family was very appreciative of everything I did. Even when I explained sometimes what I do hurts him. And that sometimes all the medicine in the world isnt going to take care of his pain. They told me many times that my compassion and understanding and keeping them informed was so appreciated. I love to hear what I have done to help ease someones pain . The material things are nice . but not as wonderful as hearing thank you .. u have helped me so much.. :spin:
  2. by   2real
    I worked in Pacu -recovering an angiogram pt for about 6 hrs. Very sweet couple, kinda dirty, poor. We had a great day, they raise and Show dogs in competition. apparently they are well known in the dog show biz. When I discharge them to their car---- The proudly thanked me for being so kind to them -- though they're poor and dirty- they thanked me for treating them with respect---then presented me with a hug and a
    Blue Ribbon!!!
    that was inscribed in metallic letters:
    Now that's special! I still have it , it makes me smile everytime I open my jewelry box !
    Don't be jealous-- I'm just one lucky dog!
  3. by   mysticalwaters1
    I think of several instances.

    One was I went to buy a sandwhich from the cafeteria at 1230am I was overtime and tired. I went to pay for it and the cashier told me the man over there paid for me and he was a pt's relative who paid for it and wouldn't accept me giving him money for it! It was so unexpected and I felt appreciated. I could tell by his face he was very happy to do so and tired as well. It was so nice.

    Also any food people bring in. One time it was a food gift basket with a couple little stuffed bears. I still have one on my desk right now and smile when I look at it.

    Oh and another pt the family was ecstatic I called around the doctors Fri late afternoon before the weekend to give a push that the pulmonologist see him so he could leave sun or mon (which he was promised) but the family knew as well as I if I didn't call they probably would have waited till mon and might hold the discarge to tues or wed. So the doctor saw him and as a result was d/c sun and afterwards they left me me a little yellow bag with some stationary cards and a little note saying I allways looked out for this womans husband and appreciated it so much. I keep it on my desk too and put letters and other little personal things in it.

    Also one pt, esophageal CA with peg fully alert and oriented self care. Very sick and I'd help him with his feedings and medicine. And one time going in to assess him wrote on a tissue box I was a jewl of a nurse. I was so happy b/c I didn't feel appreciated for a while!
  4. by   hollya5334
    Im still in nursing school, but I've been an STNA in LTC for about 2 years, and I just love hearing "You are the only one who cares" and "You'll be a wonderful nurse". It just makes my heart melt! I've also had residents try to tip me with quarters that they won from bingo! So sweet!
  5. by   kat57
    A doile she crocheted by hand. She also made one for the Dr. Another patient gave me a porcelain bookmark shaped like a bird. I was really touched, my coworkers made fun of me but I really appreciated it.
  6. by   SouthernLPN2RN
    These few years I've been in nursing, I have to say that it's those pts who say "I know you care" and who look forward to seeing me again. The only thing I have that's ever been given to me was a card with a very long, nice note written inside. The pt wasn't mine, but I took him to the bathroom a couple of times one night and just sat in there talking to him. I have really bonded with a lot of my pts. Just here recently, I had a pt that I thought couldn't stand me. her SO told me that I was the only nurse she actually liked.
  7. by   chaosRN
    I really like the "Thank you, you're a great nurse" statements.
  8. by   chadash
    My current home health pt is truly a friend. What can beat that?
  9. by   chadash
    Oh yeah, and my caregiver to a past pt, Mr. R who told me 3 days before he died " It's not about you, it's what you bring with you ( the Lord)." Humbling but so so true...
  10. by   Spritenurse1210
    I was told one time by a patient that i was an angel. I also had one gentleman who tried to help me off the floor each time i knelt down to assist him with his prostetic leg. the same gentleman who always tried to help me off of the floor gave me a beenie baby bear.
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  11. by   Spritenurse1210
    Quote from lisaow
    A ten year old boy wrote me a hand-written apology letter for being a "smarty pants". I LOVED IT. It was completely unprompted by anyone (he didn't have parents...).

    Gotta love kids
  12. by   nursemamma72
    :spin:i have had so many things given to me thru my 9 years of nursing for such little things i consider my job. but i think the one thing that has touched my heart the most was i recieved a note on my clip board from 2 little girls ages 7 and 11. i take care of their daddy who is a quadrapalegic. it said "thank you for taking such good care of our daddy". i started to cry and i heard them ask their daddy why i cried. he told them to ask me that question and i told them that means more to me coming from 2 little girls. i taped it to my clip board so i can see it everyday.
  13. by   firstaiddave907
    wow what peopple do to say thank you for being such a great nurse i was reading each and every one of these and it broght me to tears it was so touching.