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We've been talking some about nursing as an independent profession, and that if that is ever really to happen, nurses have to be able to charge a fee for service rendered... Well, that got me to... Read More

  1. by   gwenith
    One of our private hospitals specializes in giveing patients "Hot towel sponges"

    Take a bucket of hot water add capfull of "dermalux" and a couple of drops of lavender. Place two rolled towels in the bucket and then place the towels over the patient and gently rub.

    Umm It is less "sensuous" than that description sounds espectially since the clientelle of this hospital averages at 80= years.
  2. by   AussieAIN
    Gwenith, I've actually done the "Hot towel sponges" on residents who had showers every second day in a nursing home I used to work in. We did the sponges the day they didn't have a shower, though we called them "Hot Towel Massages". The hot towels felt really good through my gloves.

    Someone please sign me up for one.
  3. by   gwenith
    Yes I know!! It was just when I came to describe them they sounded slightly "naughty". These were done in ICU on the bedbound patients and were just wonderful as a lovely change. Certainly beat the old luke warm slip, slop slap with a wet chux/daylee wash cloth!
  4. by   fairyprincess2003
    Yes Raphael, I agree with you. That is my opinion, although I may have been just a tad aggrivated when posting mine
  5. by   CCL"Babe"
    Tongue in cheek

    Charge for nursing services by the hour. Easy enough for all those hospitals that have staff/patient tracking systems. That way the patients who utilize nursing services more get charged more. Add $ for procedures that require more specialized skills, Dressing changes, conscious sedation, education, etc.
  6. by   angelbear
    I may be completely wrong but I think the original point of the thread was not necessarily should bed baths be done by nurses. I took it as what would the amounts be if the nurses duties were itemized. Kind of like what would the charge be for each service provided. Hospitals do that so much for ekg so much for ct scan bla bla bla. I think maybe the point was what would the nurses wage actually be if the tasks we perform were charged on an itemized bases. Geez I hope that made sense. Kind of reminds me of when Edith made a list for Archy the charges for making breakfast, ironing, making beds etc. Anyway that is just my thought of what the question was asking. I could be wrong that often happens.
  7. by   AndyLyn
    Yup, Angelbear, that was what I was thinking. I mean, as nurses, we tend to think... "Oh, I couldn't charge for a bed bath, I couldn't charge for mouth care, I couldn't charge for a dressing change, I do it because I care about my patients." Gee, do you think the dr's, and RT's and PT's think that way? We've gotten dr's bills with every minutia itemized, good dr or not they still charge for every (and I mean every!) service! Is nursing so fundamentally different that we can't do the same?

    And if the "bed bath" isn't nursing care anymore, then how much would hanging 2 units of fresh frozen with all the monitoring and assessment that goes along with it be worth? $150?

    Just wondering...
  8. by   Rapheal
    Ok angelbear, your right. So I think I would charge $10. This is of course if the hospital provided the linens, and toiletries. In this fee would be included applying any necessary skin protecting lotions, or duoderms, and also include elevating the client's legs on pillows and such things. Do you think this is reasonable?
  9. by   purplemania
    That' easy: get the average nurse's pay per hour, determine how much time is involved in the task, charge FIVE TIMES that amount for my education--------------------