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As an agency nurse I work for a small community hospital at times (Home health is my reg job). This is my fave facility. I had a bad experience. Here goes. 1) I hear a pump beeping in a... Read More

  1. by   Gromit
    Originally posted by Agnus
    Our hosptal uses a red arm band for DNR.
    Hmm. Ours uses the red arm band for allergies. I guess in a sense, you could use the red and say the patients is allergic to life. (grin). Ok, not a funny subject, but still...
  2. by   LilgirlRN
    blue card on the door for DNR
  3. by   P_RN
    Hopefully housekeeping will have removed said dots and cards between patients. Heaven knows I've found many wrong name cards and even former patient equipment like basins in a supposedly "ready room."
  4. by   Gromit
    Ugh, you have a very good point, P_RN! I've seen more than a few 'ISOLATION' cards (of various types -MRSA to droplet,etc) left on the doors after a room was 'cleaned'. But at least thats not as bad as a non-dnr becoming an unwilling dnr. Ugh, makes me shudder.
  5. by   canoehead
    If there was a dot on the patient's armband the dot would leave with the patient. Just a thought.
  6. by   MandyInMS
    Originally posted by Agnus
    God why are humanbeing so afraid to ask for help? Why do we think we must appear all knowing in front of other humans?

    Especially when everyone knows that no one is.

    Ask questions. Ask for help. And the saddest of all is that those who are most likely to try to appear to know everything are those who need help and answers the most.

    If I get in a situation like that PLEASE help me out. Hurt my feeling and my pride; they need to be.

    I used to work with men and I thought this was just a male thing. It is not.
    Ditto Angus...the nurse who DOESN'T ask questions or for help in a critical situation scares the crap outta me...I'm an "all hands on deck" kinda person when a pt. goes bad..I mean my goodness EVERYONE needs help in that situation..you only have 2 hands and multiple tasks needing to be done at once.
  7. by   amyBSN
    Our hospital uses blue armbands for dnr patients