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  1. by   deespoohbear
    What a mess!! We used to have a problem with the 2nd shift coming out of the report room until 4pm somedays. The aides would get up and answer call lights but then they would go right back to visiting in the report room. One day, me and one of my fellow nurses on days had enough. "Jane" and walked in to the report room and the next shift was sitting there, talking about non-work stuff. We told them we were leaving, and the floor was now their responsibility. I figure once report is given to the oncoming nurse, it is HER or HIS responsibilty to get to the floor in a timely manner, not mine.

    Your sister needs to contact JCAHO (I think it can be done through their website) and contact the state board of health. Your sister should live up to her troublemaker repuatation now and rattle a few cages before she moves on. Let us know what happens.....
  2. by   ?burntout
    At the hospital I am at, we start report around 6:45 am and pm when the night shift folks come on-which of course we all have bad days, but I can't believe they just let "nurses wander in" whenever!!!

    They definately need to be reported to JCAHO! But the sad thing will be that probably when the suits and upper management catch wind that JCAHO is coming, they will "do as they are SUPPOSED to" and then things will be back to normal!

    That about the aides eating before the patients are fed, if that was my mom or dad, someone would have to hold my purse!!!
    (I love this line :chuckle )We are able to eat a bite of breakfast as long as the PATIENTS are taken care of first!!!!!
  3. by   sunnygirl272
    originally posted by rnconnief
    this nuts!! any nurse knows that 0700-1530 means that you arrive at 0645 to get report in order to be able to be nursing at 0700. for the same reason 1500-2330 means 1445 and 2300-0730 means 2245. as for aids having to eat before they being the work day, home sounds like a good place for breakfast. mcdonald's will do in a pinch if you eat in the car on the way in. staffing is way out of compliance, i would file a complaint with jacho on behalf of all the patients who go uncared for while staff has breakfast and gives report.
    she is frequently floated to another unit in the hospital where report is recieved at the desk. this is an acute care area...visitors and others are walking around the desk area, and some family members have been known to lurk around corners to listen to report.
    yeah...what the he)) are they thinking??? eat at home...or in the car....or suck it up and wait til your break...or lunch..
    and...everyone says state, jcahco..(sp?)...butno one has yet said the other magic word....hippa
  4. by   BBFRN
    Originally posted by deespoohbear

    Your sister needs to contact JCAHO (I think it can be done through their website)
    Yes, you can contact them to report things such as this via their website @ http://www.jcaho.org/
  5. by   Agnus
    It sounds like your sister has done all the right things in her attempt to address these issues.

    The fact that the anger management was mentioned makes me wonder how she has been presenting this issue. As an asside I fully understand her reacting in anger acting damn mad. IT is VERY understandable. It might not make one iota of difference in this situation but maybe an asertiveness class might be useful to her in dealing with people. This hospital is just using that as an EXCUSE in refusing to address her concerns, but sometime where there is smoke there is fire. Learning to control this using assertive techniques is an advantage when dealing with an idiot adversary like these folks.

    Personally I'd walk and I just might not waite until I was hire elsewhere. I know everyone' s financial situation is different. But I tend to consider my mental health first. If I go completly nuts my income wont matter anyway because I wont have one and I'll be nuts and probably fired so getting another job will be even harder

    Tell her to go . If she has to she can flip burgers or clean toilets or sell flower at the state fair until she can find somthing else.
  6. by   BBFRN
    There is a nursing shortage everywhere....your sister could walk down the street and find a nursing job these days.
  7. by   defib queen
    how, exactly, do they plan to explain this to a judge? I really do not think he/she will see it through the eyes of these managers/nurses/aides. Tell your sister to get out now if she values her license, not to mention patient care.