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  1. Friends, I have come into a small issue so to speak that has to do with my own health and the medical community. A few months ago I was falling and had an MRI of the brain. It showed I had a 1 X 3 inch cyst in the rt parietal area of the brain. I was also found to have empty sella turcica. That is what the pituitary gland is suppose to be located in. The cyst they say is nothing.there and the pituitary is flattened. However, with the empty sella one is suppose to have normal hormones. It looks like the hormones of the anterior pituitary are very much lacking. My mom took me to every endocrinologist growing up and nothing was found except for me to move away from the table. Mom knew it wasn't so. I wish she was here to know. Well, I was referred to an endocrinologist which found my cortisol level extremely low and my growth hormone which can have an impact on the cv system, muscle strength, and other things. The technology wasn't there years ago. In aquiring the labs and such I got a copy of the new MRI and she said what about the one from 94. Fine. Well, it was never documented in 94 so my attending and the consultant were never tolds. I can even see it on the MRI. Well, it happens that the same radiologist read both but never made a comparison. The 94 one says normal MRA and normal MRI. I also had a CT with contrast in 88 and that report which there is only one of says normal The docs have already told me that if it had been caught when I was a teen my life would have been different. A classic sign of low growth and cortisol in females is an enormous amount of weight goes on during puberty. That is exactly what happened. If I had been treated since 94 my mom would have known. I would not have had the clinical depression as badly as I did requiring ECT, and I would still be working in the career I lived. Well, I ended up having stapling and bypass surgery as I ballooned to 425 about 10 years ago. In just the 8 years the docs have said I found this out in the first week of May of this year. According to Florida Statute one has 2 years from the point of finding out except in the case of children. I am on Medicare and Medicaid and not sure if they will even cover the hormones I am missing. Do you think I should seek an attorney? Oh my neurologist--migraines and diabetic neuropathy which would be less. This issue is only found in 5% of the population of the world. Yet my neuro says he has plenty of patients that have it. I don't think so and he says the only way they usually find it is on autopsy? So should I contact a lawyer to see if I can get the cost of the hormones and the diabetic supplies and other supplies go on as I have extensive diabetic neuropathy that has happened prior to my May discovery. So colleagues I want to know what r u thinking Also, most of all because of the ECT my former employer did not need my services any further So now I am on Social Security disability and Medicaid. I would rather be working. I once said if I could do it over I would have done my nursing for nothing beyond except for having a hat on the head, a roof over me and a couple of meals a day. I truly miss it even with the shortage and all as I feel for you guys. I am open to suggestions. I can also be reiached by msilva16@cfl.rr.com any ideas would be appreciated. We all have to stick together as no one else will. Thanks ahead of time. Disabled otherwise known as Marian
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    I found this thread in the Intravenous Therapy forum and thought it would be more appropriate here.
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    Hi Marian,

    This must be extremely frustrating for you to find all this out NOW after suffering so many devastating health conditions through the years. (((HUGS)))

    My advice is it never hurts to consult with an attorney and the first consultation is complimentary in most cases, so no harm in asking.

    I'm glad you qualified for SSD and SSI Medicaid as that is one less worry. I hope you have more good days than bad, and wish you all the best!

    And I'm not working due to medical conditions too...so I know how you feel. I miss it a lot, but I also know I can't do it now. Maybe in the future....both of us can. I'll keep you in my prayers!

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  5. by   mother/babyRN
    I agree with Mattsmom and offer you hugs and many prayers. please take care and remember, the first visit to any attorney, and specifically personal injury ones,is often free....
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    Gosh all I can do is echo the wise posts above and add my prayers and heartfelt best wishes to you. I certainly hope you can work it out! Hang in there. I know I am not much help here, but just want to offer encouragement.
  7. by   fedupnurse
    Ditto to the above posts. I know your frustration. I was told I was having panic attacks from the time I was about 11 or 12 and it turned out that I was having a weird form of seizures. They consisted of severe veritgo. Since my heart would speed up from practically falling on my face, the "experts" decided it was panic attacks. When I was 23 I was finally diagnosed and put on anticonvulsants (which I stayed on for about 5 or 6 years), the "panic attacks" stopped. Of course they did since they were seizures. It is one of the reasons I went into nursing because of the blow offs I have experienced in my life from medical doctors. It is also probably why I don't think twice about questioning them or calling them on the carpet when they blow off their patients concerns.
    I would definetly seek advice about damages. Sounds like someone screwed up royally.
    Best of luck to you.
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    After reading your post, I am shocked. I have the same condition!! I will email you privately to find out more, but in the meanwhile, why are you disabled?
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    Here's my story. I was 16 and no menstration. I had begun to have very severe headaches. So, after a MRI, they discovered my tumor on the pit gland. It was the size of a grapefruit along with 2 cyst surrounding that. Another 3 months, and I would have been dead although I had no real terrible symptoms. I had surgery in 1991 and removed the tumor with no recurrence since then. I gained about 150 pounds the first year after surgery. I went from about 120 to 300 pounds and now I'm at 315. I am on all the drug therapies and hormone replacements. At times, the weight and the problems are devasting for me. However, I am not disabled. In fact, I work for disability and I do disability claims. And I'm going to nursing school full time. So, I wonder why you are disabled? I plan on having weight loss surgery myself next month, so we have that in common also. How much did you loose from your surgery? As for the atty, I seriously doubt that is going to do any good. But, I guess it doesnt hurt. As for the meds, I would think your Medicaid would cover that wouldnt they?