What % of women don't know basics of female anatomy? - page 12

I had a wonderful daughter of an elderly patient assist with doing a minicath. I missed the first try, making some comment about getting the correct hole, and the confusion at times. The 60 something... Read More

  1. by   Extra Pickles
    Nickels lol! One of my kids pointed and said "That's where I keep my eggs". Would have been ok, perhaps, except that it was my SON who said it, pointing to his scrotum. I kept working on it at that point lol.
  2. by   3ringnursing
    Quote from klone
    Yes, it's pretty sad. Also, vulvas are mythical/mystical/magical in a somewhat evil kind of way, I've learned. Even many people in healthcare don't want to know anything. I was invited to do a poster presentation at the local EBP symposium, and when I submitted the .PDF of the poster (which had a the graphic on it) I was asked by the symposium coordinators (who were healthcare people) to please remove the vulva from my poster.
    How dare you present anything educational, or draw something anatomically correct! Bad nurse!
  3. by   hdreeves
    Before I ever started going to school I volunteered in a low income women's health facility. I feel like there it is more shocking if you actually knew your anatomy.