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I am getting ready to get engaged and since I am in nursing school I want to get a metal that will stand up to the crazy amounts of hand washing I will be doing. I dont want my ring or diamonds to... Read More

  1. by   4jen
    Quote from Miss Mab
    This is kinda off the subject..forgive me..

    I got engaged last summer and my lovely fiancee bought the most delightful stone and wanted to let me pick the setting because, well, he had no clue. So, he placed it in a simple setting for the proposal and the interim.

    Anyway, I knew exactly what I wanted--and I'm not even a girlie girl---I just loved this "unusual" setting. WELL, the next DAY, Miss Jenna Bush got engaged and up on my TV pops the most beautiful ring setting and sure enough it's the one......I ended up choosing something else--it just wasn't mine anymore as dumb as that sounds.

    Still, everytime I think about it/her, I think to myself "that b%$^ stole my ring!"

    Pathetic, I know...
  2. by   Agnus
    I must be very luck then because my ring has more years on it than even I can say. It is clearly worn thin on the back and yet not a hint of yellow color. I do not baby it. I wear it for everything even things I should not and have subjected it to all kinds of chemicals when cleaning etc. I wonder what is going on. I have used alcohol based hand cleaners for as many years as they existed in the hospital environment.
  3. by   sharlynn
    Back in the dark ages as a new graduate working in ICU, I scratched someone with my high setting while giving a backrub. Ever since I have a plain gold band just to wear to work, although I confess to wearing my diamonds only when I dress up. It really saves wear on the prongs!
  4. by   Agnus
    well my curiosity led me to do a little search. I discovered that white gold can have any number of other metals alone or in combination mixed with the gold. Some of them are, zinc, chromeium, cadminum, palladium, platnum and nickel are the ones I found. It seems that (as far as I can tell) if there is a lot of nickel the ring is more apt to turn yellow.

    So only heaven knows what is in my ring, because generally a jeweler can not tell you exactly because it can be so many things in different percentages.
    excuse spelling of the metals, sorry