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I'm sorry but this will be a vent. After working 13+ busy shift in the ER, I come home to log on to here and it simply kills me that NON-nurses (including those in nursing school, or taking pre-reqs,... Read More

  1. by   eriksoln
    Quote from SWS RN
    Well said Eric=feel the same way myself, and sometimes nursing is like war, rape, a roller coaster and it drives you to alcoholism!!!!!

    And with that...I can just hear the comments from the very wanna bees that this thread is about
    but, do I lie?
    I created a thread a while ago about non-nurses posting. I was very headstrong in it, a bit of a bully TBH. One very special "patient" talked to me offline about why they come here and like to chime in from time to time. I've since changed my views on who should and should not post on Allnurses.

    Its not a matter of being allowed to post or not belonging here. Its a matter of timing and of knowing when your input is appreciated and when.......well, when the nurses are on here looking for like minded people to vent with. I have my issues and vents that I just don't care to share with patients/accountants/physicians/students. There are times where only another nurses input is going to help me. It is those times I resent the input from non-nurses.

    Case in point: At work, I was venting about a very needy drug seeking patient. He was constantly asking for his methadone earlier and earlier. A major PIA. He would do things to make you come to his room, like kink his IV line so it occludes and you have to shut off the beeping. Then, when you were there, he'd start with the "Hey, since you are coming in here anyway, may as well get my methadone, I'm kinda starting to feel anxious." I wanted to strangle the guy. I was complaining about the whole thing to ANOTHER NURSE, and basically said he needed to straighten up and how I didn't care if he was happy or sad cause "He's an uninsured, no use to society drug addict abusing the system. Let him be unhappy, in fact I hope his is. I may just bring his methadone a bit late."
    She told me to take a deep breath, reminded me why we were there and said to go take a five minute break. She also pointed out that whether he was insured or not was really not my business, shouldn't even enter the picture for how I feel about him.
    Now, if an accountant/other pt./student had said any of the things to me she did, especially at that point in time, I'd have knocked their block off. But, its different coming from another nurse, someone who can give the advice/criticism and say "I've been there too, I know why you feel that way."
    It is when moments such as this one are taken from me because people just can't help but think they are your brethren when they have not earned the right, that is when I resent the non-nurses.