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  1. by   PamUK
    My daughter managed to amputate the tip of her right middle finger at work. After 6 weeks of "light duties" her employer was trying to get her back to her real job, building car engines. She had an appointment with the physiotherapist who advised her to remain on light duties until she had full function back in her had (sound reasonable to considering her job)

    BUT, when we asked the physiotherapist to write this down so that her employer would stop harrassing her, she refused! Too frightened of litigation. So thats my pet peeve. Not standing by your convicitons
  2. by   Schmoo1022
    Ughhhh the notebook..I can't stand this!! We have one family that is so anal about this !!!
    Families that think their Mom or Dad is more important than anyone else in the facility and hover at the nurses station during report.

    Families that think that visiting hours don't apply to them!!

    Residents that are constantly acting out,screaming all night long, but family does not want any "psych meds" because they don't want dad "out of it"

    I love my patients...it's the families I can do without!!
  3. by   mstigerlily
    Some pet peeves:

    Managers who play favorites. And the nurses who go running to the managers to tattle on other nurses.

    Gossip. I just want to go to work, get along with coworkers in a professional way, provide excellent patient care and go home. Please.

    Preceptors who don't enjoy teaching new grads or students. If you don't like it, don't do it.

    Medical professionals who barge ahead and do things to pts without explaining what they are doing in a kind, clear manner.

    Clueless coworkers who don't offer a seat when they are sitting their gabbing and I have an armload of charts or need to eat my lunch. When I am in the breakroom and done eating and someone walks in with their lunch I always offer my seat instead of sitting their yacking while they stand in the corner slurping their lunch standing up.

    People who get defensive when confronted with an error, oversight or lapse in judgment. No one is perfect and you may be wrong.
  4. by   ProfRN4
    Quote from mattsmom81
    Visitors in ICU talking loudly on their cellphones. both in patient rooms and while strolling the unit, peering in other patient rooms as well. Now many of these cellphones have cameras....anyone else irritated and concerned about this?
    The camera-phone thing is starting to worry me as well. Essentially, anyone can 'catch' anyone doing anything. Sure, you can do it w/ a regular camera (and just as inconspicuous with some of them too), but how many people actually carry a camera around??
  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Gossip. I just want to go to work, get along with coworkers in a professional way, provide excellent patient care and go home. Please.
    And it's amazing how if you don't participate in the workplace gossip, the gossipers label you as a stuck-up.
  6. by   ProfRN4
    Quote from rach_nc_03
    just curious....where did the notebook thing originate? did someone recommend it on a talkshow or in a magazine recently? I've worked as an NA in an ICU for almost a year (finishing school monday! yay!), and never saw anyone doing it til about 2 months ago....now there's always at least one patient on the unit whose family member is doing this. i think it's basically a good idea- I do it myself, since i've seen multiple specialists for the same problem in the last 2 years- but it seems to be immensely popular right now, at least where I am. (my favorite was a woman who wanted to photocopy the MAR because she didn't like writing the long medication names....)
    I try not to let that notebook thing intimidate me, because that's why some family members do it in the first place. Some people truly do it for the sake of keeping track of trends (VS, counts, etc). Many people, IMHO, do it as an anxiety reducing behavior- they may not have control over their loved ones health- but this is something that may make them feel useful or important.
  7. by   angelbyte
    Nothing made me crazier than following someone who didn't restock at the end of their shift. I can understand if they had a bad shift, but some people consistently refuse to restock. I used to work in long term care and I hated getting the med cart halfway down the hall, only to find that I needed supplies.

    I also didn't like it when a nurse was more interested in how her patient and patient room looked, rather than how the patient felt or was doing.

  8. by   redwinggirlie
    Second that It's not my patient vote.... also, nurses who say their patient is premedicated for this huge dressing change I am about to do (I work the floors as a skin/wound care nurse often) and I find out they gave them Percocet 10 minutes ago.... Come on, give them the demerol!
    Nurses who have the faintest idea when their patient was last turned and appear to not care less....
    Loooooooooooooong reports with information I don't need that make me stay away from the patients who need me. Give me the dirt, what I need to do, where they are vital-wise and let me go.
    My relief shift showing up 10 minutes late and making me wait until their Pop Tarts are ready before I can give report.
  9. by   RN4NICU
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    And it's amazing how if you don't participate in the workplace gossip, the gossipers label you as a stuck-up.
    and how quickly you become the topic of discussion, since they feel like they don't need to worry about anything getting back to you if you don't listen/participate in the gossip.
  10. by   eden
    I'm new here but have found this site very helpful. Anyway my pet peeves are
    1) ill tempered patients - I had a 300+ pound guy who had an MI and was scheduled for bypass surgery, well he was bumped twice for emergency cases. That did not sit well with him and even though he was supposed to be on bedrest he was leaving the floor and walking the halls and when he was told he needed to be in bed his response was well if I have chest pain then I will be an emergency case and they will have to do me next . Right, because inducing an MI is the best way to preserve your health.
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  11. by   TTM01
    I'm a pre-nursing student , but my biggest pet peeve is listening to RNs $*^#@ about their jobs! If you don't like listening to families or providing a compassionate service that you are trained to do, then do something else. I am an intelligent woman who is working towards my degree in nursing. I'm currently doing volunteer work and loving it. But, I can honestly say I have encountered people who need a reality check themselves. They have bad attitudes and it is a shame they are RNs. You should all be ashamed of talking bad about families and patients. Until you have experienced grief first hand, you have no business &*%^&$! I chose to go into nursing because I lost both my parents by the time I was 27. My dad to a serious car accident and my mom to breast cancer. I saw both extremes of death and illness. I appreciate all the loving doctors and RNs that helped my mom and I was inspired by them. I am mortified to hear that there are RNs out there that hate and despise assisting people. I've worked over 16 years in the Customer Service world so I have seen every wretched human being as much as anyone else has, BUT I have a great outlook on life and I treat people fairly. I will make a great RN one day. I only wish those of you that hate your job so much, do something else!
  12. by   churdlpn
    Quote from LolaRN
    I couldn't agree more. Also spelling errors which are consistent drive me crazy. We all make mistakes but it's hard to have faith in your nurse when they can't even spell. Also, nurses who say "o2 stat" instead of "o2 sat."

    OH!!!!!! I hate that too!!!!!!!!
  13. by   nursejennie76
    Well as an LPN who just finished her RN program yesterday, I hate that my classmates who have never been nurses somehow think they are above me because I was an LPN first!! Ha Ha these will be the girls who are eaten alive by there coworkers, I wish I could be a fly on the wall there first day on the unit!! They always acted snotty but if the teacher was not around at clinical they came to me or one of the other LPN's for help, but somehow we were not as smart as them!! But I just told myself everyday, that when i was at work careing for my patients getting paid well I might add, they were working th ecash register at Old Navy for minimum wage!! Sorry this is a years worth of pent up frustration!! :angryfire