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  1. by   ProfRN4
    Quote from ruby vee
    pet peeves:
    4) families who want to know how "uncle jimmy" is doing, become incensed when i quote hipaa laws to them, and then claim they don't know how to get in touch with the patient's family to as them how he's doing. (excuse me, but if you don't know how to get in touch with "uncle jimmy's" family, perhaps you don't know him well enough to be visiting him in icu.)
    1) people who walk up to the nurses station and say "i'm looking for my mother". like i'm supposed to be psychic and figure out who your mother is without telling me. and patients (or families) who ask about other patients. like they really think 'm going to tell them. most (esp in peds) don't mean any harm, but stop being so nosey, esp. when the kid is dysfigured. this is not the discovery health channel!!

    2) parents who don't want you to anything to your child- "does he really need to take that pill?, or "do you really need to wake her up to do that" (vitals, blood draws, etc)? (should have thought about all that before you insisted they be admitted).

    3) nurses (and other staff) who spend countless hours on the phone. i'm not saying i never call home. when i do, it's short and sweet. it amazes me how much people can speak to thier loved ones over a 12 hr period, and then go home and talk to them again.

    4) i feel the young eating phrase is too played out as well. we all eat each other!!!!! and, on that topic, the comment of 'young nurses with no work ethic' is uncalled for too. that's quite a judgemental statement, as i've seen many old nurses who are terrible, lazy, caome in late, dump work on the next shift.

    5) and finally, the one that gets me the most, is when nurses feel the need to quantify eveything they do...i have 2 ng tubes, 2 central lines, 3 accuchecks, 4 blood draws. just shut up and do it!!!!
  2. by   PrncessK
    I know that I have posted previously but I came up with one more after my shift last night.
    I hate not getting ANY respect from the next shift. I realize that every shift is busy, but when meds are held with no explanation and rescheduled for the next shift you end up playing catch up the whole time. I'm sorry, but you can only run so many things through an IV line at once! Then there is the exasperated "Ugh, you didn't get that done!"
    No sorry, I didn't get that done. I'm sorry my patient was going downhill fast in the next room while I was transfusing, and I'm sorry that 2 of my other patients had antibiotics that had to be hung almost every 2 hours! Just take report and deal with the one thing that I left you to do.
    And I've seen day nurses and night nurses that are guilty of this, so it's not directed at any one in particular.
  3. by   unknown99
    Nurses who say, "Well, that's not MY patient!"
    Also, nurses who think that answering a call light or putting someone on the bedpan is beneath them.
  4. by   ProfRN4
    Quote from prncessk
    no sorry, i didn't get that done. i'm sorry my patient was going downhill fast in the next room while i was transfusing, and i'm sorry that 2 of my other patients had antibiotics that had to be hung almost every 2 hours! just take report and deal with the one thing that i left you to do.
    and i've seen day nurses and night nurses that are guilty of this, so it's not directed at any one in particular.
    because of people like this, i've seen nurses who are almost afraid to tell me that they didn't get to do something. i've had this recently with some new ones. now, i work both shifts, so i know what happens. i know on nightsw, the nurses on my unit get stuck with the docs rounding at 7:30 (our shift starts at 8), barking orders at them. i wouldn't expect the night nurse to drop everything, in the middle of charting, i&o's and finshing up, to do something that is not stat. i'm not that mean (as long as the same nurses don't make it a habit)!! on our floors, the routine is to do weights at 6am :angryfire not fun, when you are the night shift and the pt is a crying, cranky kid, who's parents don't want you to bother them. so we had this one family who refused the wts at 6am. so every morning the nurse would apologize for not getting the weight. no big deal. but some feel the need to be so apologetic. it's a 24 hr job!!!
  5. by   ProfRN4
    Just thought of another one (this is fun!!! I can't believe I didn't see this thread sooner!!) nurses who are 'special':
    -can't work nights
    -can't work holidays
    -can't work OT or be mandated
    -have a family (I guess the majority of us don't????)
    -live too far to come to work when it snows
    get the point???
  6. by   UM Review RN
    Omniscient Nurse, the All-Knowing Nurse.

    Omniscient Nurse wasn't really sleeping last night when she was home. She couldn't have been, because when I was doing my patient care and getting my assignment, she knew enough about it to CORRECT ME when I gave her report the next morning.

    Example: I floated to another tele unit, causing the more popular nurse who usually works there to float to ICU. Reason: ICU Charge was going to give me Critical Care patients. (Usually they'll give us Tele patients, but not that night.) Well, I refused because I'm not an ICU nurse.

    In the morning, the day shift nurse (Ms. Omniscient) CORRECTED me when I told her that I couldn't work ICU that night because it involved REAL Crit. Care patients, for which I am not trained.

    "Oh, you would've gotten Tele patients, not Critical Care patients," she said.

    I said, "Excuse me? I believe I know what my assignment was to be" and spent the next couple of minutes straightening her out while the other staff in the background tried to shut me up.

    Not gonna happen when I'm treated like that, no. :angryfire
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  7. by   CritterLover
    i have no shortage of pet peeves. anyone who knows me will second that. i get irritated with oriented/orientated and with homophone abuse, too, just like previous posters (i'm a little kinder with spelling, since i can't spell either; but still i find myself thinking "come on! even i could spell that!"). my my biggest pet peeve though, by far, is families.....especially ones with attitude issues....oh how they aggravate me. and in so many ways. which is a little odd because i was a home health nurse for a few years and rarely had a problem with the family. i loved my interaction with them then, but families are so much easier to deal with on their own turf where they are in control.

    the last shift i worked was very busy for our er. i had a little lady, about 80 or so, who had been brought in for weakness. her blood sugar was over 500. the family (one of whom works in our hospital, though not a nurse) was hostile and confrontational with everything from needing a chair (wanted to go room to room looking for one) to why the nitrol ointment i had applied wasn't effective in bringing down mom's blood sugar when it had, indeed, brought down her blood pressure.... they were also hostile when i tried to explain the reason, and didn't like my explanation.

    (how many ways can you explain that one? i really hope it doesn't sound like i'm making fun of my patient's family, because i'm not. i love to teach. and clearing up confusions like that can often go a long way in keeping people healthy at home. it was one reasons whey i stayed in home health so long. the question was not the problem. the attitude that went with the question was.)

    its one of the reasons i can't be a floor nurse. i truly respect all that you floor nurses out there do, because i couldn't do it. i need to work somewhere that i can either pass the patient on rather quickly, like the er; or somewhere that has limited visiting hours (like icu), or i will lose my sanity
  8. by   ldnurse7581
    when i worked ob hall, it would drive me crazy when someone would ask for pain medicine and about the time the nurse walked out of the room, the patient would go downstairs to smoke. i mean, you must have not been hurting too bad!!
  9. by   moz
    I work in ob and my biggest pet peeve is people walking in my pts room without knocking. Especially other nurses or lab persons.
    Or the next shift coming on sending students in to my pts room, while she is pushing and after they have been told (both students and oncoming staff) pt requested no students. Yes, I was a student once and needed to learn, but the pt comes first.
    The other deal that REALLY irks me is someone saying the want to breastfeed, you invest alot of time and effort working with mom and baby, then it goes to the nursery and gets a bottle (on certain shifts). Or the mom changes her mind, which is okay too, but just say so without making a lame excuse like "he doesn't like it". Or the baby is acting hungry and the mom says "he just ate 5 minutes" and doesn't want to feed him anymore. If you want to breastfeed I will help and encourage you in every way possible- if you don't, just say so, thats ok too.
  10. by   Angelica
    Quote from ldnurse7581
    when i worked ob hall, it would drive me crazy when someone would ask for pain medicine and about the time the nurse walked out of the room, the patient would go downstairs to smoke. i mean, you must have not been hurting too bad!!
    I can certainly understand that position if you have never been a smoker. I used to be a heavy tobacco user, so I can tell you that I would have had to be practically comatose to keep from smoking. The addiction is separate from pain issues. JMHO.

    I would like to add that I quit smoking before I conceived.
  11. by   begalli
    I've been thinking about this for a while now trying to come up with a pet-peeve. I KNEW I had one!

    I am very pro family. Maybe it's just a gift that I have that 99% of the time, I'm more than happy to see the family of my patient walk through the door and I understand their anxiety about their loved one's condition. This is, after all, an ICU.


    When a patient is hooked up to a VAD for a failed heart, CVVH for failed kidneys, a ventilator that pushes air into his lungs, has got a butt tube to catch the result of lactulose given for liver failure, and are on 16 drips and the family member who left the room to get something to eat just a little over an hour ago comes back and asks...

    "how's he doing, is he any better?"


    This usually happens after I spend a great deal of time during our first meeting of the day explaining what everything is and what it does and saying that your brother, husband, father, wife, sister, son, daughter is VERY VERY sick.

    Before I answer them, I try to make eye contact with them and hold it for a few seconds and then all I can say is that there's been no change in the last hour. What I'd really like to say is look at him...does he look any better?!

    It just kind of bothers me. The patient looks exactly the same as he did an hour ago. No. Miracles do not usually happen during lunch.

    I have to admit that I have pangs of guilt as I type this. I really do have sympathy, even an empathy for families. But, c'mon. These also turn out to be the families that never understand that their loved one probably won't be coming back and continue to push for everything under the sun to try and save them.

    It's very frustrating.
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  12. by   incognito
    NursesRmofun, you said it! The job of the nurse in the units is actually like 10 jobs, and nursing is maybe 10% of it.

    Quote from NursesRmofun
    Interesting answers. <scratching chin> I think #1 the biggest of pet peeves is when patients or their families think the smallest of things is very, very important and you should stop what you are doing immediately to do what they want. I know, they don't know any better and to them it IS important, but it still BUGS me. #2 has to be when the family or the patient stands at the desk and waits to either speak to you or the doc taking in any and all conversation. Of course, I always ask them to wait in their room, but I can usually see they dislike this and want to listen to things that are not to be heard. It is just annoying. That's my 2 cents. <g>
  13. by   tensionpneumo
    My biggest pet peeve has always been when co-workers are talking about patients during break time. It's the last thing I want to hear about. It's my time to unwind, relax, and eat something wholesome.