What is your opinion on this job offer?

  1. A bit about me:

    I am a RN with almost 3 years experience in Med/Surg. I am wanting to go back to school (night classes) this Spring!

    The job opportunity is working as a private caregiver with a 13 year old boy who has multiple cognitive disorders, mainly caused by a CVA that he suffered after delivery. He also has autism.

    The family adopted him when he was a baby. They are the NICEST people. The child is able to walk, it's just that he has a mind of a 4-5 year old. He attends a special school, and it will be my responsibility to get him ready for school, take him there, and stay at the school with him (5 hours/day at school) and handle some medical stuff that he needs done that the teachers won't do....like colostomy care, etc. T the end of the school day, I have to get him home, and help him with after school activities.....which may include taking him to the YMCA, homework help, dinner, etc, etc.

    Some weekend help will be needed. It will be me and one other nurse working for them. The other nurse has worked for them for 3 years. Her and I will make our own schedules to accomodate eachother.

    I want this job for a million reasons.......

    But there is something in the back of my mind saying....what if it doesn't work out (for whatver reasons), and in 1 year you are out of a job. Since I will have been out of hospital work for so long, I think it will be hard for me to find a job fast?

    Will future employers look down at this kind of work?
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    It sounds like you want to go back to school and this job will facilitate that. So...if you do take this job to make it easier for school, no one will look down on this job at all. On your resume, you can emphasize that this job provided you the flexibility that you needed while in school and once you get done with school, you will have much more to offer the hospital.

    Good luck.
  4. by   StrwbryblndRN
    This may not come again. It fits what you need and provides a wonderful expereince. Too many people are fearful of something not working out. Try it. It could be what you have always wanted or your worst nightmare. But you won't know till you get there.

    I can't think of one reason why someone would look down at different experiences a nurse has done through her/his career. If anything it brings more to future jobs in regards to your experience.
    Good luck.
    Let us know what you decide.
  5. by   crysobrn
    I don't think an employer would look down on a private duty job. I did private duty as an lpn and was hired right out of rn school in the hospital I work now.

    I will say though that private duty can be very hard work... I took care of a 6 yr old that was a near drowning. It was emotionally draining as I had to deal with the family when I was in the home. I was often used as a "babysitter" and there were things done in the home that I didn't necessarily agree with. I was told prior to going there that they had video taped the nurses in the past so to be very prepared for that... it was a more of "don't do anything embarassing, than incriminating" It did work out for me as I was actually able to get a lot of school work done while there. I just really don't miss it.

    Good luck to you:spin:
  6. by   Midwest4me
    Do what your heart tells you to do; this sounds like a great opportunity. A variety of experiences in different specialties is always more preferrable(I believe) than one long stint in one specialty(although the latter has its advantages too).