What is with some residents in hospitals????

  1. Just a vent......would you be kind of disgusted???
    I had to take my daughter to an appointment at a major hospital yesterday for an eye exam/recheck..due to a corneal ulcer she ended up with 3 weeks ago...now we have gone every week for rechecks.....so the resident who was seeing us ended going on vacation and never told anyone...so when we got there a different doctor saw us.....this resident had no clue on anything......she came in the room without the chart.....had to go to pediatrics (other side of hospital) to get the machine to look in her eye with.....came back.....had no clue how to operate nor hook up the machine....she evn had to ask us to help her.....then the clencher.....she puts that yellow stain in BOTH eyes....hello left eye is the one we are checking......( other doctors never did this to her unaffected eye) she even asked us which eye!!!! And she proceeds to check the pressure with one of those gadgets they use that looks like an eppi pen..they put it on the eyeball itself & click it to check pressure......well the stupid idiot puts it in the left eye (the infected one) 1st then was going to go into the right eye ( the eye not infected) so the nurse who cares for my daughter at home was with us....she caught the resident...I didn't catch her fast enough....and says Stop! You're going from an infected eye to a NON INFECTED EYE.....
    so the resident says ...."I've done this many many times....I know what I'm doing...it's ok" So me & the nurse just look at each other totally dumbfounded.......
    I was thinking after the what I should of said's........
    Poor patients who have her or have had her if she was like this with them.....nothing more scarier than a doctor who doesn't seem to have any clue what they're doing at all..........Have anyone of youi came across any docs or anyone else in the healthcare field like this?????? I am tempted to complain to this place because we had no problem with the doc who normally see's her........should I just mention it to him when we go back next time or complain to whomever her superior is? I am not perfect by any means...but this girl had absolutely no clue it was so obvious........and my daughters nurse said if she gets an infection in her other eye there is going to be a big problem..so I take that as she was very taken aback by this residents practice as well..................thanks for listening!
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  3. by   BeHappy!
    I would definitely say something. She needs to practicing medicine safely. Never should you go from an infected eye into an uninfected eye. She probably felt silly when told to stop and her pride got in the way, not good. I would talk to your regular physician and tell him of your concerns.
  4. by   TazziRN
    You need to say something. This isn't a preference thing where she just didn't do something the way you would have preferred, this is a safety/health issue. Your daughter's other eye is at stake here.
  5. by   KellieNurse06
    Ok...Thank you both!!! I wanted to make sure I wasn't overreacting or that my daughters nurse was being over the top.......I definetly am going with my gut feeling here and it is exactly what you both have stated pretty much......thanks so much for the input! I just didn't want to come across as a you-know-what about this.....I am kicking myself for not addressing it at the time...believe me! It's weird how when you have a patient you are right on something....but when it's your own kid ( and I am a newbie nurse)....my gosh.....well I am definetly going to have a chat about what occurred with whomever is incharge of her.......
  6. by   tridil2000
    you know the line-
    "you had me at hello?"
    well, as soon as she didn't know how to work the equipment i would have stopped her and left.
    she was obviously clueless.
    never let a clueless doctor touch you or your baby.
  7. by   WolfpackRed
    I thought the best line was "I've done this many many times..."
    Uh, you're a resident.
  8. by   P_RN
    Complain certainly. Written preferably. I believe that I would have cancelled the appt and waited for the regular doc, or asked for the attending. That resident is a menace.
  9. by   KellieNurse06
    Quote from WolfpackRed
    I thought the best line was "I've done this many many times..."
    Uh, you're a resident.
    ROTFLMAO.....funny you mention this because I had said after we left...apparently she hasn't because she didn't even know how to set up the bloody machine.......lol....
    So I am never ever going to let something go like this again......from now on if something is not right I am speaking up right then & there......
    I thank you all for your input...I so appreciate it! I will definetly let you know what happens .....I wonder if they will just tell me they will do something to pacify me....anyway I will let you know !