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  1. by   MarnnaRN
    Ever leave with the docusate in your pocket that the patient refused? I have, more than once.
  2. by   CVSDnurse
    2 pens( my own big round bics or it would be all the generic black pens that I see 'cause they all look like mine when I was using them) forceps and hopefully my scissors and of course about 25 alcohol pads. I Also found that taking my own pencil bag with my needed assorment of dry erase markers, permanet markers, calipers, carpujects, highlighters, vacutainers and penlight keep my locker from getting too full and save scrambling time when I need stuff.
  3. by   bungies
    Funny how everyone has the same collection of junk. I have 4 alco wipes, watch, $1.15 in change (that's Australian dollars, so it weighs more than it's worth...) two pens, ID with drip rates and blood count ranges attached (I'm a new grad - they're my security). I also have one glove which would be clean if it didn't have pen marks all over it... I *never* have scissors, even if I start the day with them. I usually find them the next day, then they vanish again halfway through the shift.
  4. by   picu75rn
    What a fun post. Let's see, yesterday I had a pacifer, butterfly, fun bandaids, tube of desitn, 4 pens- I am the one who always walks off with someone's, alchol wipes and a tenderheel.
  5. by   stevie b
    This is a fun thread. Whats in my pockets?2 blunt 3 cc syringes(unopend),the bottle of saline to go with them,half an awful adkins advantage bar laced with lint,paper towels with v/s written on them,marlboro lights and a lighter that probably dosnt work.Its like left overs from a yard sale! oh, and one time i brought the small pulse ox home.oops.
  6. by   babynurselsa
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by night owl
    [B]Well I just got home and am sitting down at this computer with a bowl of raisen bran. In my pockets I have...2-allnurses.com pens,
    Hey I want some ALLNURSES.COM PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   nana kathy
    FREE PENS? !! Where do I sign up? Did someone say Pens from allnurses.com ? You could start a riot on these BB and Threads....
  8. by   Momma_Penguin
    I saw this and it made me take notice of how much stuff I bring home each morning. I had in my lab coat this am.....10 alcohol swabs, 2 unused lancets, blue pen ,black pen, 1 pen I found and I'm not giving back( it's nice!) 2 pr of gloves. In my scrub pants pockets......waay more room for stuff... I had 1 pr hemostats, 1 pr bandage scissors, change, yellow post it notes w/ avon orders....hehehe I sell it between charting...tape, br tx single dose pkg, lip balm,1 pkg allergy pills I forgot to take to keep my eyes from running. I could go on..but I am glad to see that I am not the only one who brings home "stuff".
  9. by   nograd
    I have to laugh, cuz I am not even a nurse yet, but my pockets are always full after a shift...

    I work L&D as an OBT and I ALWAYS have at least 40 of Pit, Turb, and Methergine, 2 6" bandage scissors, transpore tape, nitrazine paper, vit. K, eye ointment, sutures of various types usually 2-0 and 3-0 chromic or vicryl, alcohol wipes, keys, smokes, lighter, pens (if I am lucky), 18-gauge IV cath, EKG electrode pads, various size syringes and various misc. supplies I find. God only knows what stuff I will have once am an official RN...My charge nurse is known to have the heaviest pockets...She has just about a pharmacy in her pockets at one point we counted 25 vials of pit in just one pocket alone!!!!!
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  10. by   Katana
    I love this thread!

    Let's see, top pocket (boob pocket) has narc keys and the telemetry pager, left hip pocket has my PDA, a roll of tape and my Purell hand cleaner. Right hip pocket has my calipers, Carmex, eye drops, red pin, black pin, black sharpy, hemostats, munchie money, pencil, flashlight, carbuject, and my pizza card (cafeteria has personal pizzas.... buy 9 and tenth one is free). Scissors were "borrowed" but never returned a few weeks ago and I haven't had time to replace them so now I'm borrowing everyone elses.... and I make sure I return theirs. ::grumble::

    That's what I carry every day.

    When I empty my pockets, I find unit dose wrappers, needle caps, lots of alcohol swabs, the occassional hemocult card (unused), straws and spoons.

  11. by   Paprikat
    God Bless Pockets.
    Along with the pieces of fluff, I usually have my cell phone, smokes, two black pens, two blue pens, two red pens (I am obsessed with pens - I will hoard them when I am a senior in a nursing home). I also keep tape, scissors and the narc keys, which all fall out of my pocket when I bend over.....
  12. by   MrsK1223
    Hmmmm...lets see...pens, black sharpee, bandage scissors, tissues, lip gloss, paper clips, tubes of sample ointments, prescription pads, candy, notes. I work for a dermatology office.
  13. by   MrsK1223
    Hmmmm...lets see...pens, black sharpee, bandage scissors, tissues, lip gloss, paper clips, tubes of sample ointments, prescription pads, candy, notes. I work for a dermatology office.