What is Forensic nursing?

  1. Call me an idiot, but I'm not entirely sure what forensic nursing IS. What does a forensic nurse do all day?
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  3. by   rdhdnrs
    I'd like to know, too. It's intriguing. Maybe it's like CSI!!
  4. by   lady_jezebel
    I'm not certain, but I think they work with crime victims, such as rape or abuse cases. They will document what they see, take swabs, and report their findings. We had a Forensic Nurse in our ER who counseled rape victims, treated them, and collected evidence that could possibly be used as "evidence" for legal cases/trials or arrests.
  5. by   orrnlori
    Most forensic nurses are SANE nurses (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) and are certified as such. Do a web search to find the descriptions of various forensic nursing jobs.
  6. by   GibsRN
    Most forensic nurses are SANE nurses. They also have a few that can take additional courses for crime scene photography, crime scene investigation, etc [more like CSI].

    There are various websites. I just happened to check out a program offered through the U of Riverside's extension program that is online. It sounded very interesting.
  7. by   nursebedlam
    anyone have any web sites on forensic nursing ?
  8. by   GibsRN
    here are just a few. if you simply type in the words "forensic nursing" several sites will pop up.


  9. by   Zinnia
    I heard a nurse with a master's in forensics speak at a workshop. She was the county coroner.
  10. by   GibsRN
    Now there's a job for ME! I have always wanted to be a coroner/medical examiner! Maybe one day I will finally get there!!!!
  11. by   ArleneG
    Ok, here's another one. What is infomatics? I always here the term thrown around but have never been sure what it is.
  12. by   CHATSDALE
    a forensic nurse gets special training in testifing in court. If you work for a private lawyer you will spend time reading nurses notes and md orders for items which will help attorney in building case in Emer-Room you may gather evidence in rape and in assult cases all in all it seems pretty interesting to me there are a lot different jobs you can qualify for with a rn degree make the most of it